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Watch … the performance of Tesla solar cells during a snowstorm

The solar roof automatically gets rid of snow to continue producing energy.

A homeowner in Wisconsin, Jason Lasson, shared his experience with the Tesla solar cells he used on his rooftop, and showed a video showing how the solar cells on the roof worked to remove snow, showing the roof before and after the snowstorm.

In 2016 Tesla acquired Solar City, a company that specializes in solar energy services, with headquarters in San Mateo, California.

Solar City markets, manufactures and installs residential and commercial solar panels and solar roofs, and now provides energy storage services through Tesla, including a pre-fabricated residential battery backup service that includes Tesla’s Powerwall.

The company, in partnership with Panasonic, operates Tesla Giga New York, a plant in Buffalo, New York, where it manufactures solar module components.

Lasson says he wanted to see how fast the snow was falling off the roof, and whether it melted or slid off immediately. Based on his experience, it appears that the solar roof can handle large amounts of snow with ease.

The video shows how Tesla’s solar roof automatically makes snow slide by heating to continue producing electricity with video, and it can be seen that snow accumulated for a short period before sliding while the snow was still on other rooftops in the neighborhood.

Solar roofs have toughened glass tiles, with solar cells inside that can produce solar energy. Tesla is replacing the roof of a customer’s house with solar roof tiles.

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