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Watch .. the “strong” Ramos may lead Real Madrid to the Atlanta match

When Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos underwent surgery on his knee on the sixth of last month, everyone agreed that he will miss the round-trip price of the Champions League final against Atlanta.

When the French coach Zinedine Zidane was communicating with the “Spanish hammer”, he hoped that his captain would return, and although the issue was complicated, it was not impossible.

Doctors told Ramos that “in 6 weeks he will be ready.” Which means that this week will be crucial for the 34-year-old player.

Ramos was forced to undergo an operation on his knee to relax from the pain that did not leave him, but after only 4 days of the operation, he began exercises in the gym at his home.

Ramos continues to surprise Zidane and club president Florentino Perez with his superb ability to recover quickly, sacrifice for the team and stay strong and optimistic despite the seriousness of the process, not to mention his insistence to participate in the confrontation of Atalanta on the 16th of this month.

Ramos and the royal club pages published videos of Ramos’ training, running and playing with the ball just 3 weeks after the operation.

It seems that these videos are an indication that the recovery journey is proceeding as it was decreed, and the return to the game against Elche in the Spanish League on the 13th of this month is not excluded, but the confrontation of Atalanta remains the first goal, especially since the Real is ahead in Italy with a clean goal, and he will play the match without the Brazilian Casemiro.

Ramos knows that his presence gives the team a moral boost, strength and rigidity in defense, but Zidane will be careful about his return because he has not participated in matches since January 14.

Source : Spanish press + social networking sites

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