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“We are all Ahmed Mamdouh” … calls for the release of the “Corona dead” photographer and anger at the deterioration of the medical sector in Egypt

Egyptian activists launched the hashtag “We are all Ahmed Mamdouh” to demand the release of the “Corona Dead Photographer”, who documented the case of the lack of oxygen at Al-Husseiniya Hospital, which caused the death of 4 people, including Ahmed Mamdouh’s aunt.

The photographer’s brother said, in a series of posts on his Facebook account, that his brother did not do anything contrary to the law, and that he documented the negligence incident in the Isolation Hospital in the Sharkia Governorate, to hold the perpetrators accountable and not shirk their responsibilities.

In the following video, the son of one of the deceased speaks, as he documents the testimonies of the families, confirming Ahmed Mamdouh’s story.

Ahmed Mamdouh’s sister also confirmed, through her Facebook account, that the security authorities arrested him and transferred him this morning, Monday, to the Zagazig Security Directorate, for investigation with promises to release him, confirming that he does not belong to any banned group, as she put it.

It is reported that photographer Ahmed Mamdouh was an eyewitness to the incident of running out of oxygen, which caused the death of his aunt before he received her body, and the hospital administration refused to write the cause of death.

The testimony of the people of Husseinieh

The people of Al-Husayniyah said that the hospital doctors were the ones who accused Ahmed of stirring up public opinion, before transferring him to the Zagazig Security Directorate for investigation. The following videos document the testimony of the people of Al-Husayniyah on the authority of Ahmed Mamdouh.

Labeling oxygen to Egypt

The pioneers of social media launched the oxygen label for Egypt, expressing the popular “suffocation” situation due to the deterioration of the medical sector.

Tweeters said that the authorities’ denial of the health disaster that is happening instead of addressing the matter and trying to find solutions is unacceptable, but it is traditional for the current system, as they describe.

Duplicate scenario

The “Brotherhood” hashtag topped the list of the most popular in Egypt, on Twitter, with tweets expressing popular anger at the suspension of any crisis in Egypt on the “peg” of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood or the media fabrication, which some described as a “duplicate scenario.”

Informational fabrication and intimidation

On the other hand, supporters of the current Egyptian regime saw the uproar as a media fabrication and intimidation by the opposition media.

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