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‘We are captives’: Iranian actor criticises regime in Iran

‘We are captives’: Iranian actor criticises regime in Iran

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  1. Wish her all the support in the world. A badass woman standing up for her rights regardless of who is infringing on them.

  2. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jan/13/we-are-captives-iranian-actor-criticises-tehran-government) reduced by 80%. (I’m a bot)
    > Taraneh Alidoosti – who has appeared in an Oscar-nominated film and acclaimed TV dramas – made her comments on Sunday, as Iranians took to the streets in a series of anti-regime protests.

    > Hardliners criticised Alidoosti after she returned from promoting the film at the Cannes film festival with a feminist tattoo on her arm.

    > Alidoosti also starred in a popular Iranian online TV series set in the 1950s, which has echoes in politics today.

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  3. That is one brave goddamn person.

  4. No country that forces women to wear head cover or death should be concidered a goos place for people.

  5. Does anyone else feel like this kind of news is slowing being turned into ‘we need to liberate the oppressed people of Iran’ propaganda?

  6. well if he is an actor how can we believe him?

  7. Liberals who claim the hijab is a feminist symbol suspiciously silent, maybe they should be forced in an Islamist society where they face prison and worse for not wearing it. Waiting for Ilhan Omar to comment. Hundreds of millions of women live under real oppression every day from Islam and nothing will change so long as woke people apologize for a fascist ideology.

  8. This is exactly how I always describe it. The regime holds the people hostage. The regime was not chosen by the people. it does not represent the people. It merely oppresses them.

  9. A good country calls to those outside, it doesn’t need walls to keep people in.

  10. It’s a fact, if you aren’t in a free country you are a captive and being free isn’t completely free either.

  11. I wonder if they have a porn industry in Iran ?

  12. Fucking sucks what is happening. 🙁

  13. State: Something encircled by a artificial border, run by a small group of people who force you to abide by their rules.

    We are literally all captives in prisons… But yeah, I’d rather to be in a cell which is nicer.

  14. The Supreme leader and Winnie the Pooh should just make out already ffs

  15. Iranians are now standing up and protesting enmass due to the death of suelamani as they now feel a bit safer that the man who killed 1500 peaceful protesters recently and most likely more people in the past is dead. So it has emboldened them to take a stand and change their country’s leadership and ways.

  16. If anything these Iranians coming out against the regime right now when trump is in need of a distraction is insane. Obama showed the world that Iran could enter the international stage and become a good partner to all, and over the few years of the Deal he and the rest of the world made with Iran there were already signs of change, slow change but definitely change in the right direction…..

    Wait until sanders is president and he helps return to the previous agreement with rock solid laws that repukes cannot change in the future.

    Do not let radicals from all over the middle east enter iran and under cover of civil conflict turn Iran into a Yemen or Syria or Iraq. Slow change is permanent change fast change can be changed back just as quick as it was changed the first time…..

  17. No one else thinks it’s extremely suspicious that all of a sudden there’s a ton of anti-iran stuff making the rounds all of a sudden?

    They all have the same sort of tone “we are prisoners” “The enemy is here” aka America come liberate us

    Seems like regime change propaganda, same that was used against venezuela and Bolivia and even Iraq in 2003

  18. War propaganda. No thanks.

  19. You’re literally not captives though…
    Just leave.

  20. The plight of Iran. Great people, shit dictatorship.

    What’s tragic is the handful of AmeriCANs stuck in Umerca being ruled by banksters controlling the minds of all the dumb AmeriCAN’Ts.

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