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“We are not going to die in our cubicles!” – Wildcat strikes erupt at call centers across Brazil

“We are not going to die in our cubicles!” – Wildcat strikes erupt at call centers across Brazil

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  1. Why is it called a “wildcat” strike?

    I was a bit confused at first, thinking that was the name of a company.

  2. gonna be in america soon once ceos are done asking lawyers why they are self essential and their workers are pushed into offices.

  3. Not knowing what wildcat strike meant I imagined jaguars roaming the call floor dragging people off

  4. There’s a wave of high profile , alt right , rich man here taking to social media and calling for people to “get back to work” (a few of them even saying what is 5000deaths compared to the damage to the economy) …

    This was exactly what I was thinking wold happen… do this cocumbers believe people will just accept getting sick and risking loved ones lives for their jobs? If people don’t quarantine orderly now, they will quarintine on their own once the death toll begins to rise

  5. The Masters will not be happy.

  6. They get cubicles? Last time I worked at a call center here in Norway we were sitting shoulder to shoulder with zero isolation. We sat so close that if flu struck even a single person, the whole section would usually get sick. We didn’t get our own keyboards or mice and had to share with the part timers.


    So glad I quit. I couldn’t imagine working there now.

  7. My initial thoughts reading the headline: Call centers in Brazil are being attacked by wildcats, or some new computer virus called wildcat.

  8. General strikes and rent strikes are what the Trump administration and wallstreet are trying to stop. April 1st, dont pay rent. If you are nonessential walk out of your job.

  9. One suggestion has been made that Americans locked down under quarantine dial random #’s in India and offer them extended auto warranties. If they hang up, call back repeatedly.

  10. My pal works at a factory making donuts for a large popular chain of coffee shops. The company gave her a pass, just in case she gets pulled over driving to work during this shutdown. She is making fucking donuts!

  11. They voted for him, now they see how dumb was their choice.

    Same with many other countries.


    A worker in our building tested positive. My friend works next to the person that tested positive. My friend was sent home and he was TOLD NOT TO SAY ANYTHING. There are people currently still working in the building. Most of us were sent home to work remotely. If you get home and “have system issues that can’t be fixed in a short period of time, you need to come back to work.” Unfortunately our place of employment is considered “Essential”. I feel like there should be major repercussions for hiding the fact that many of us have been exposed. The fear of losing our job is what keeps us from whistleblowing the shit out of them. Money>Moral.

  13. relevant peter gibbons [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jexWBP5Jt4](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jexWBP5Jt4)

  14. ayyyyy comrades, no gods, no masters

  15. I keep reading essential but I see it as expendable. They say essential to make us feel good but reality is your are a pee on and expendable.

  16. There is no reason anyone working on calls must be on an office. You give them a laptop and let them work from home. People are more important than profit.

  17. Fuck yeah Brazilian workers! Kick em where it hurts!!

  18. Of our president wasn’t a complete moron we might have beaten this disease, now everyone is fucked

  19. Yeah, stand nicely packed together outside the building! That will help!


  20. ….proceeding to stand right beside each other….

  21. Last time I worked in a call center I got fat and depressed

  22. Anyone got sources for this article? It says that the author are “our reporters”?

  23. Our company just fired all the people on 6 month probation period contracts. Globally.

  24. I literally thought that there was a pack of wildcats that specifically targetted call centers.

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