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We are not happy with the US administration’s decision to withdraw from Baghdad

Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein said that his country’s government is not happy with the US administration’s decision to withdraw from Baghdad. He added that the authorities in his country aThe necessary measures have been taken to protect the diplomatic missions.

During a press conference in Baghdad today, Hussein called on Washington to reconsider its decision, “especially since closing the embassy gives the wrong signals to the Iraqi people.”

Hussein explained that the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, presented the government’s vision towards the American withdrawal decision, and communicated with many leaders of countries about the seriousness of the American withdrawal from Iraq, pointing to “continuing communication with the American side to change its decision.”

He added that the government is serious about investigating the targeting of diplomatic missions, especially that targeting them is a direct targeting of Iraq, indicating that “the chaos of weapons in Iraq will lead to the burning of the region, and that reorganizing the security situation in Baghdad will take some time.”

The Iraqi minister affirmed that his government is moving according to the Iraqi interest and keeping violence away from society, pointing out that the concerned authorities have been able to arrest some people involved in targeting diplomatic missions.

He stated that various channels began dialogue with the armed factions, especially that the Iranian-American tension was reflected in the Iraqi reality, explaining that “Iran promised to make efforts to support the stability of Iraq.”

Al-Kazemi warns
Earlier today, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi said that closing foreign embassies in the country means stopping economic and military cooperation, at a time when Iraq is going through great challenges.

He pointed out that the United States and the European Union are considering withdrawing from his country, as a result of the ongoing attacks targeting the Green Zone in central Baghdad.

In a meeting with representatives of 25 diplomatic missions operating in Iraq, he affirmed that Iraq is keen to impose the rule of law, confine arms to the state, and protect diplomatic missions and headquarters.

He stressed that the perpetrators of the attacks on diplomatic missions seek to destabilize Iraq and sabotage its regional and international relations.

He pointed out that these attacks affected innocent citizens, including children, and that the state’s security institutions are determined to put an end to them, and have begun to take the necessary measures to achieve this goal.

Foreign missions
And several foreign missions, including the embassies of the United States, Britain and the European Union, expressed in a joint statement their “deep concern” about the continuing armed attacks that affect the interests of diplomatic missions in Iraq.

In the statement, she said that she welcomes the recent measures taken by the prime minister and his government, whether by conducting investigations into those attacks or through the security operations carried out by Iraqi forces, including strengthening security at Baghdad airport.

She added that these missions express their support for taking further measures to enhance security in Baghdad and strengthen the presence of security forces within the Green Zone, which includes the headquarters of these missions.

Keen security
Yesterday, Iraqi President Barham Salih said that his country refuses to be an arena for settling other people’s accounts, stressing that the government is working to limit weapons to the hands of the state and prevent illegal actions.

In a statement, he said that the state is keen to protect diplomatic missions, and refuses to be an arena for settling other people’s accounts.

He explained that Iraq – with the support of the international coalition and friends – was able to defeat the Islamic State, but the war against the organization is still continuing, and that its sleeper cells are a threat to Iraq, the region and the world.

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