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“We did not allow the honor of our brothers to be violated” … Erdogan looks forward to a new page with America and Europe and addresses Turkey’s foreign interference

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said today, Wednesday, that he hopes to open a new page in relations with America and Europe by the new year, and he praised his country’s interventions abroad, stressing that it does not yield to sanctions and blackmail.

This came in statements by the president during a meeting of the parliamentary bloc of the ruling Justice and Development Party at the parliament headquarters in the capital, Ankara.

Erdogan said that his country faced double standards in the eastern Mediterranean crisis, and in the issue of Russian S-400 missile purchases.

The Turkish president reiterated his hope that the European Union would “get rid of the strategic blindness of trying to alienate Turkey.”

He stressed that political, economic and military cooperation, which is multifaceted, is not a substitute for deep-rooted ties with the United States. He also said that Ankara cannot turn its back on either the East or the West.

Erdogan stressed that, in conjunction with developing relations with Europe and the United States, Turkey can never neglect the Arab world, Asia, Latin America and Africa.

He expressed his belief that the new US President (Joe Biden) would give the required importance to relations with Turkey, stressing that there are no prejudices, enmity and rivalry for anyone they have.

Pay the price without bending
Erdogan said, “We faced very complex issues in a wide area extending from the eastern Mediterranean to Libya and from Syria to Karabakh, and despite the great threats we faced, we did not allow violating the honor of our brothers, the interests of our country and the rights of our dear people, and in order to defend Turkey’s interests we paid the price and suffered hardships.” But we did not bow before the oppressors. “

He pointed out that Turkey brought hope to the oppressed and persecuted from Africa to Asia, thanks to its principled, firm and conscientious policy, as he described it.

Erdogan stressed that “the attacks against Turkey increase in violence the higher their star,” adding “the fact that Turkey, which has begun to effectively lay down the rules of the game in the international arena, annoys those who feed on chaos and conflicts.”

Terrorism, Immigration and Democracy
The Turkish president affirmed that his country is the only member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) that “fights terrorist organizations, on top of which is ISIS” in different geographical areas.

He explained that Turkey bears the greatest burden with regard to the problem of irregular migration, saying, “We saved the honor of democracy by supporting the legitimate government against the revolutionaries in Libya, and we secured our borders through military operations in northern Syria, and we helped preserve the unity of Syria’s soil, and we made contributions for the return of Somalia.” For his stability after the whole world turned its back on him. “

President Erdoan pointed out that Turkey, as the country that provided the most humanitarian aid in the world, compared to its national income, bore the most responsibility on behalf of the international community.

Meanwhile, the president said that everyone should realize that “Turkey does not yield to sanctions and extortion.”

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