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We do not owe the International Monetary Fund even a single penny

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan affirmed that his country owes not even a single penny to the International Monetary Fund, and also spoke in general about the economic situation of his country after the Corona pandemic.

This came during his participation, today, Monday, in the seventh regular conference of the Justice and Development Party, which was held in the western state of Izmir.

“When we came to power, Turkey owed the International Monetary Fund about one billion dollars, and we were able to pay this amount, and the opposition should realize these facts,” the president said.

He explained that Turkey was able to skip the stage of the Corona virus outbreak with the least losses, through effective and rapid measures, although the global supply chains were severely damaged, and the global economy contracted in all fields.

Erdogan also indicated that his country will continue to take the necessary measures in places where production has stopped and services are lacking due to the Corona pandemic.

In response to the opposition’s allegations that foreign currency reserves are declining, Erdogan said that the current reserves of the Central Bank exceed $ 95 billion, and that all foreign exchange transactions occur within the framework of laws and market rules.

Change the constitution

In the context of his call for changing the constitution, Erdogan stressed that the government will take the necessary steps in parliament regarding legislative issues, while the presidency is taking necessary action on administrative issues.

And with the announcement of the Justice and Development Party, and its ally, the National Movement Party, that the aim of the debate on changing the constitution is to reach consensus on a constitution that keeps pace with the current development in the country, increases freedoms in it, and establishes a better future.

Erdogan’s call to discuss a new constitution was met with skepticism by most of the opposition parties, which saw that the president seeks to consolidate his power, and to disregard the economic problems that the country is going through.

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