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We have an opportunity to renew dialogue with the European Union

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşolu said that his country has an opportunity to renew dialogue with the European Union, noting that most members of the Union support this approach.

During his participation in the Eighth Turkish-Dutch Conference Wittenberg, Cavusoglu explained that relations with the European Union went through a difficult period during the past year, as the Middle East, Cyprus, Libya, Syria and the Caucasus region witnessed important developments.

At the conference, co-chaired by his Dutch counterpart, Steve Blok, he indicated that the EU extended its hand to Turkey at the December summit, and that Ankara responded positively to this, adding, “We now have an opportunity to renew dialogue with the European Union.”

The Turkish minister added that he had met with his counterparts in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal, and that most of the Union’s members support the opportunity to renew dialogue with Ankara.

On his country’s relations with the Netherlands, Cavusoglu explained that his country has great potentials in bilateral cooperation in the fields of trade, economy, innovation and technology, stressing the need for (this) dialogue in order to benefit from the available capabilities and adapt to change.

The Turkish Foreign Minister stressed the necessity of making greater efforts to encourage businessmen to do more investments and business from both sides.

He pointed out that the two parties possess a lot of potentials that enable them to contribute to addressing the problems of the European continent.

Cavusoglu pointed out that thanks to the joint Turkish and European efforts, on the migration crisis of 2016, the largest emerging humanitarian crisis on the continent since World War II has been successfully dealt with.

He added that Turkey, as a candidate country (for membership in the European Union), is at the highest level of determination and readiness for a true partnership.

He explained that among the Turkish expectations for bilateral relations with the European Union are the renewal of the March 18 agreement on migration in all its dimensions, the accession process, the modernization of the customs union, the liberalization of visas, cooperation in the field of migration and combating terrorism.

Turkey has begun conducting exploratory talks with Greece – according to what the foreign minister says – and it is also in the process of normalizing relations with France, in addition to focusing on the internal reforms process.

Cavusoglu expressed his readiness to participate in the “5 + 1” meeting on Cyprus proposed by Turkey, indicating that they trust the Dutch support, which played an important role in the signing of the March 18 agreement.

He concluded by saying that the Turkish community in the Netherlands is one of the elements of the multi-faceted relations between the two countries, adding, “We support the integration of the Turkish people into Dutch society as active and successful individuals.”

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