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We pity a ruler who lives the specter of medieval religious wars

The Secretary-General of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, Ali Muhyiddin Al-Qaradaghi, affirmed that Islam does not bear the burden of false cartoon leaders from your industry, stressing that the Islamic religion does not go through any crises.

This came in a tweet on his Facebook account today, Friday, in response to the statements of French President Emmanuel Macron, in which he claimed that the Islamic religion is going through a crisis today in all parts of the world.

Al-Qarra Daghi directed his speech to Macron, saying, “Mr. President, do not worry about our religion, as he has never relied on the support of an authority, nor has he raised a sword in the face of those who opposed him to impose his banner.”

He added, “Islam is eternal, existential facts that have a solution to the intractable problems of the authorities. It is the religion of God and not a system of government that depends on the mood of the voters and does not falsify awareness. Islam is the constant presence of reason, proof and protection of mankind.”

He added that Islam is where freedom is good, and where persecution springs up in spite of the nose of tyrants.

He continued, “Our religion does not go through a crisis nor will it pass, because Islam is not a human industry in order to fear atrophy and depression, it is Islam and it is enough to breathe despite the machinations of others, and despite Islamophobia, we are not afraid of our religion and we do not need, Mr. President, whoever sees us in the existence of a crisis.”

And he added, “Rather, we say to you: The future is the religion of Islam, and we are in fear for the future of societies that make the religions and sanctities of others legitimate targets. We are in fear of societies from authorities addicted to making their enemies.”

Religious wars

“We have compassion on a ruler who is still in crisis and the specter of religious wars, who lives in its middle ages and we are in the twenty-first century,” he said.

He explained that if there is a real crisis, it is due to the double standards of some Western politicians, and we would advise you, knowing that those who lead the reins of power in the Arab and Islamic world in most countries are those who you created or were a coup who blessed you by reaching judgment on the skulls of the innocent.

And he continued, saying, “Mr. President Macron: You are in a crisis, a crisis of moral, humanitarian and political setback, and Islam cannot bear the burden of false cartoon leaders who created crises with your sponsorship.”

The French President had said that Islam lives today in a crisis everywhere in the world, and that France must confront what he described as Islamic isolationism that seeks to establish a parallel system and deny the French Republic.

In a speech west of Paris, Macron announced his policies against what he called “Islamic militancy, which takes violence as its approach.”

The French President proposed a bill against “emotional separation” with the aim of “combating those who employ religion to question the values ​​of the Republic,” which is considered a targeting of the Muslim community in particular.

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