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We refused an American request for dialogue on the deal of the century

Saleh Al-Arouri, deputy head of the political bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas”, said that the movement had rejected a request from the American administration to conduct a dialogue on the American settlement plan known in the media as the Deal of the Century.

In statements to Al-Aqsa TV, he indicated that the American request aims to split the Palestinian position and use it to threaten the leadership of the PLO.

Al-Arouri stressed Hamas’ commitment to the Palestinian understandings that were reached in Istanbul, to build on them and not back down from them.

The deputy head of the Hamas political bureau confirmed that Arab countries have stopped financial support for the Palestinian Authority, following an American decision.

Al-Arouri revealed contacts with Fatah that Arab countries had made with Fatah, carrying American messages against the path of national unity with Hamas.

He also said that the parties, which are pressuring Fatah to withdraw from the national partnership, sponsored the “deal of the century.”

Khaled Meshaal, the former head of the Political Bureau, said last July that the most effective way to confront the Israeli project to annex lands and the “deal of the century” is to change the authority’s function, to be at the center of the confrontation and clash with the occupation.

Meshaal considered at the time that dissolving the Palestinian National Authority is a possible option if the job change option fails, and if the Palestinians unite on it.

He also said that this matter needs study and consultations among the Palestinians in all their whereabouts, noting that with the dissolution of the Authority, “if this compatibility occurs with creating a serious alternative vision” according to a national program and a study that does not lead to a state of chaos.

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