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We regret being elected to FIFA, but I am proud of his presidency

Swiss Gianni Infantino, President of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA), launched a new media attack, today, Thursday, as he continued to assert his innocence of the accusations against him by the Swiss authorities.

During two interviews with the Swiss network (CH Media) and the Swiss newspaper (Blake), Infantino seemed comfortable discussing various topics at the FIFA headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.

Infantino said he regrets being elected president of FIFA in 2015 “10 times a day, but I tell myself 100 times how wonderful this job is.”

Among the possible violations that Infantino may commit, abuse of public office, breach of official secrecy, aiding the perpetrators and inciting these acts, against the backdrop of secret meetings he had with Michael Lauber, the former Swiss attorney general.

“We will defend ourselves against these reputational speculations that are based on allegations that do not exist,” Infantino told (CH Media), while he told (Blake) newspaper, “They put the spotlight on me without saying what I did wrong.”

Infantino justifies his position that FIFA was an organization that was hit by a scandal when he took over the presidency of the International Federation, stressing that he was eager to help the authorities by meeting with Uber.

Infantino also denied alleged violations of television broadcast contracts awarded since his presence in the European Football Association (UEFA), describing the charges as “complete nonsense.”

Infantino stressed that his conscience is clear, adding that he only has positive things that he would like to reveal.

The FIFA president indicated that while recognizing that the Coronavirus pandemic poses a threat to the existence of football, “but despite this, we are within the full budget.”

“The situation is difficult, especially for every country that depends on the revenues from attending the stadiums. It is clear that the issue is primarily related to the health of the entire population,” Infantino said.

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