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We use 10% of it, and music stimulates intelligence … 5 myths about the brain that scientists have refuted

We have passed on certain information over the years about how the brain works, but science has proven that they are prevalent myths and are unfounded.

In this report, the Spanish site “Genial” shed light on some of these common myths about the brain:

1- We only use 10% of our brains

It was commonly believed that humans only use a tenth of their brain mass. This is due to a misunderstanding of a study conducted at the beginning of the twentieth century that found that only 10% of nerve cells in the brain are active at a certain point in time.

But, according to neurologist John Henley, we use different areas of our brains constantly, stressing that the varying activities between pouring a cup of coffee and making decisions require the activation of different groups of neurons in the brain while using different capabilities.

2- Listening to music stimulates intelligence

In the early 1990s, a study was conducted that showed improvement in concentration abilities of 30 students, after hearing Mozart’s music for a few minutes. This led to the myth of the “Mozart Effect,” which states that listening to musical pieces can develop the intelligence of children and infants as well.

This study was conducted in 1993, with the participation of students at a certain stage of life, who were assigned a specific task.

The results showed that those who listened to Mozart’s music performed better for a few minutes, but that did not make them smarter.

And in 2003 another study confirmed that children who received musical training did not perform better in psychological and motor skills and numerical discrimination than those who received visual training.

3- We have a dominant hemisphere

Adopting one hand more than the other has led many to believe that there is a dominant hemisphere in the brain. Information such as that the left hemisphere is responsible for logic and language, while the right hemisphere helps us develop our creativity and intuition, support the idea that our brain functions unequally.

There is no scientific evidence to support the existence of such polarity, as left-handed people can develop great logical capabilities and right-handed people can have great creative abilities. The use of one hand more than the other is much related to genetics, just like hair color, and not with the more developed capabilities of the brain.

4- Mind games make you smarter

Among other common myths about the brain is that intelligence increases by practicing mental training exercises, such as memory games, video games, crossword puzzles, and other mechanisms that have proven effective in preventing mental illness and neuronal degradation, but have not proven any role in developing the queen of intelligence.

5- We work better under pressure

The pressure to finish a homework or work can be stressful, but this feeling is sometimes a catalyst that helps us move forward with tasks in ways we would not have imagined if we did not feel this pressure. However, this does not at all mean that we work better under pressure.

Stress levels push us to prepare and prepare to sometimes do our best, but a study conducted by the University of “California” in Berkeley showed – according to what was reported by “Khanial” magazine – that keeping ourselves under stress continuously can lead to damage to nerve connections and cause serious damage. Brain.

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