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We will ask the European Union to pressure Cairo to hand over those accused of killing Regeni

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said that his country would ask European countries “to take a unified position in order to uncover the truth about the killing of (student Giulio) Regeni” in the Egyptian capital four years ago.

This came after an emergency meeting held by the mini-government in the past few hours, headed by Giuseppe Conte, in which the ministers of foreign affairs, defense and interior, and heads of the security services participated, to discuss developments in the Regeni case.

In his first comment on the results of the investigation announced by the Italian prosecutor on the tenth of December, Di Maio added that the matter will require cooperation to pressure the Egyptian authorities to reveal the addresses of the defendants and hand them over to trial before the Italian judiciary.

He stressed that his ministry will take, during the next few hours, a series of initiatives aimed at urging the European Union to pay attention to the Regeni case as a European issue, stressing that his citizen was subjected to horrific torture before his death.

Last Thursday, the Italian prosecution announced that it was suspicious of 4 Egyptian security personnel, including an officer in General Intelligence, in the case of the disappearance and murder of the Italian researcher in Cairo in 2016.

Rome Prosecutor Michael Brettipino said, in a session of a special parliamentary committee, that “3 () members of the Egyptian National Security and a police officer have been identified to be under investigation in the case of the kidnapping, torture and murder of Regeni in Cairo,” according to the Associated Press.

The Italian prosecution did not reveal the names of the defendants, but gave them 20 days to provide statements or request to hear them in the case, provided that the investigators decide after the expiration of this period whether or not they will seek their trial, according to the same source.

The statements of Italian prosecutors came a week after Egypt announced that it was temporarily suspending investigations into the case of Regeni’s murder.

There was no comment from the Egyptian side on the Italian prosecution’s accusations.

Regeni, a 26-year-old graduate student at the University of Cambridge, was conducting a PhD research in Cairo, and then he disappeared for 9 days, after which his body was found with signs of torture, in February 2016.

The murder of this Italian student caused a diplomatic row between Rome and Cairo.

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