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We will remain alert and the armistice with America will be canceled if we are betrayed

The Hezbollah Brigades in Iraq said that the Iraqi factions will remain on alert to monitor the US moves, and added that the temporary truce is conditional, and it will be canceled if anyone in the crowd or the factions is betrayed.

The spokesman for the Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades announced that the armed factions targeting US interests in Iraq agreed among themselves to suspend their missile attacks, provided the Iraqi government provides a timetable for the withdrawal of US forces from the country.

Washington has called on the Iraqi factions to hand over their weapons to the government in Baghdad, and the US State Department told Al Jazeera that it urges all parties in Iraq to surrender their weapons to the government, and to act responsibly.

She added that the actions of what she described as Iraqi militias make the government’s attempts to attract international investment vulnerable.

Washington, which is slowly reducing its 5,000 troops in Iraq, threatened last month to close its embassy in Baghdad if the Iraqi government did not curb the Iranian-backed factions, which launched attacks on US interests with missiles and planted roadside bombs.

The US warning caused alarm in Iraq, as this was seen as a step towards launching air strikes, which could turn Iraq into a battlefield in a proxy war between the United States and Iran.

A wide spectrum of politicians called on the armed factions to stop provoking the Americans.

A conditional truce

“The factions gave a conditional truce, and this conditional truce is directed at the Iraqi government in particular, because it is the one concerned with implementing the decision of the House of Representatives,” said Muhammad Mohi, spokesman for Kataib Hezbollah.

He added that the agreement “basically includes all factions … the factions that may also target the American forces.”

He stated that a group of factions calling themselves the “Coordinating Body for the Iraqi Resistance” issued a statement on Saturday that it would suspend the attacks in exchange for a clear plan for the departure of US forces. Mohy did not specify which factions issued the statement.

Mohi said that the Iraqi government should implement a parliamentary decision passed in January that called for the withdrawal of all foreign forces from Iraq.

American officials hold the Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades responsible for launching dozens of missile attacks on American facilities in Iraq, while Kataib Hezbollah denies launching these attacks.

Smaller factions previously unknown have claimed responsibility for some of the attacks, although Iraqi security officials believe that these groups may be a front for larger groups.

It is noteworthy that the United States launched raids in March and December of last year against Kataib Hezbollah sites in Iraq and Syria, killing and wounding dozens of its members, in response to targeting military bases in Iraq that resulted in the killing and wounding of Americans and a Briton.

At the end of last June, there were reports of a security operation carried out by Iraqi forces south of Baghdad, during which 14 Hezbollah militants were arrested on suspicion of involvement in attacks on the Green Zone and Baghdad Airport.

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