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Weight loss plan avoids skin sagging

Many women suffer from the problem of sagging skin after losing a lot of weight, which may make them dissatisfied with their shape even after reaching the ideal weight, which leads to a loss of self-confidence, and sometimes it may impede the normal movement of women, which makes them rush to resort to surgeries. Cosmetic in order to remove those wrinkles.

Sagging results from stretching of the skin to keep up with the increase in weight, and when the body loses this extra weight, it sometimes cannot keep pace with the speed of loss by shrinking, which leads to the appearance of sagging, whose occurrence depends on 3 factors: the amount of weight lost, the person’s age, and the speed of weight loss.

It should be noted that there is sometimes no escape from getting excess skin, and this is when losing a large amount of weight, because the body has already stretched a large amount of skin and cannot withdraw it so easily, especially if the body mass index (BMI) number 35.

The same applies to you if you have been overweight for many years. But by following the following tips, it is possible to control sagging resulting from weight loss, and to reduce it as much as possible.

Exercise and lose weight slowly

Rapid weight loss, either through surgery to lose weight, or through a very low-calorie diet; It makes the skin lose many important elements that make it flexible, such as collagen, so it is better to lose weight with a long-term plan that relies on losing one kilogram per week, and although this plan may take longer than desired, one of its advantages is that it avoids the effect. Negative action on the skin.

Exercising is useful in general, but exercising when losing weight makes muscles tight, which reduces the effect of sagging skin, but does not completely eliminate it. Therefore, it is necessary to exercise at least twice a week, and to vary between resistance exercises and “cardio” exercises that depend on much movement.

Exercising when losing weight makes muscles tight, which reduces sagging skin (Getty Images)

Cosmetic creams

As women get older, the skin loses its elasticity and strength. Genetic factors also influence the factors that affect skin elasticity. Given that we cannot control age or genetic factors, we can control external factors that negatively affect the skin in general, such as smoking, and exposure to a lot of sunlight.

The use of skin tightening creams may also help, which are creams that contain retinoid, which is a derivative of vitamin A. According to HealthLine, cosmetic doctors recommend the use of creams that contain this substance to tighten the skin and relieve sagging, whether due to weight loss or due to aging.

This substance can also be found in day and night skin care creams, provided that it is suitable for the type of skin, and does not contain other harmful substances such as lanolin, which the site also advises to stay away from.

Vitamins and massage

Doctors advise all the time that it is necessary to take vitamins and nutrients necessary for the body, and this applies to those who want to lose weight, especially if it is a woman over the age of 30, and this is because the body begins to lose many of its elements that must be compensated from external elements such as vitamin (C) tablets And this is an important matter that should not be overlooked, and it helps the skin to retain its full strength and balance necessary to protect itself, as well as sufficient quantities of water must be consumed, so that the skin gets the necessary hydration from the inside and not only from the outside.

Sagging is concentrated in certain areas of the body more than others, such as the arm, neck, abdomen and buttocks. Studies published by GearHungry have shown that, far from the feeling of relaxation caused by massage, massaging the areas of sagging has a positive effect on the skin, and limits the appearance of Fine lines, and this is because massage helps increase blood flow in those areas, and thus contributes to reducing skin sagging.

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