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What are the risks of the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan?

The French newspaper La Croix said that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) sees the United States ’announcement to withdraw about two thousand soldiers from Afghanistan by mid-January 2021 as a great danger, and considers that this is a“ risk that the country will become again. Base for international terrorists. “

The newspaper asked: Why is NATO concerned about an American hasty departure from Afghanistan? To respond to the words of NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, “Afghanistan is in danger of becoming once again a base for international terrorists who plan and organize attacks in our country, and ISIS (ISIS) can rebuild the terrorist caliphate in Afghanistan after it lost it in Syria and Iraq.”

With the American withdrawal, which was tentatively expected in April 2021 under the peace agreements negotiated with the Taliban, NATO forces will find themselves largely weak. However, the new US Defense Secretary Christopher Miller reassured NATO, saying, “We went there together, and we changed together. When the time comes, we will go together. “

Pending a possible political transition in Afghanistan, Karim Pakzad, an assistant researcher at the Institute for International and Strategic Relations (IRIS), says, “When the Americans leave, the government in Kabul will be left alone in the face of the Taliban, because the remaining NATO forces will be very fragile.”

Although peace negotiations between the Taliban and the Kabul government began in mid-September, they stopped and tensions escalated in recent weeks, and the attacks followed, in an escalation by the Taliban movement to pressure the head of the Afghan Supreme Council for Reconciliation, Abdullah Abdullah, for the agreement signed with the United States. Basically for negotiations.

Sign of failure

In this context, the United States renewed its support for Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, stressing that “the solution is to negotiate power-sharing or some kind of agreement under which the Taliban and the Afghan people can live side by side in peace.”

However, “what Europe and France in particular fear – according to Karim Pakzad – is that nothing will be settled in Afghanistan,” which means that the internal conflict between the Taliban, government forces and ISIS fighters is being exported, making Afghanistan a new fertile ground for terrorists trained to implement Attacks on European soil.

The newspaper concluded that the Taliban’s arrival to power would be a sign of the failure of the peace talks that the Europeans defended, and the return of fundamentalism in the country, although Pakzad doubted that the Taliban would support terrorist organizations, because – even if in his opinion they were fundamentalist – a nationalist movement seeking power in Afghanistan, and not She loves ISIS and not al-Qaeda because they were the reason for her loss of power.

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