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What hope? What to do (7-7)

When my memory goes back to recent decades and the intellectual-political struggles that my generation experienced about our perceptions and plans for a better state and a virtuous society, today, after half a century of those struggles, after the experience of opposition and rule, I come across an image of students who overestimated their intelligence when they sat to preach an imposition towards the “solution “And they wrote the most beautiful texts, but they were all outside the topic, because these arrogant people did not understand the test question at all.

The question of this fateful test was in the eighties: as Reagan and Thatcher established the new global economic order, that is, the hegemony of brutal liberalism … as your countries will become – as a result of this transformation – either clients or hostages … as the new economic policies under tyrannical corruption will divide your peoples into ” Gulabeh “is destined for unemployment and poverty, and corrupt elites that are brutal to preserve their privileges … as the gap will widen between them, swallowing the middle class, which is the backbone of your societies … And as the situation will end in continuous social explosions that lead to revolutions, most of them bloody … What are you doing?

We did not pay attention to the question in the first place and we kept quarreling over identity, authenticity and modernity, and is Islam a religion or a religion and a state? Is the correct nationalism the nationalism of the Syrian Baath or the Iraqi Baath?

We see the result today.

The cynical reality of our naivety is still haunting us with its multiple questions. Since 2000, it has revolved around 5 huge issues. Will we finally answer the exam questions or continue to rave outside the topic?

The environmental issue

The main question: As the industrial boom in China and India will exacerbate the sins of the industrial boom in Europe and America, and then the effects of global warming will accelerate as a result of all the coal dioxide that the new factories will send.

  • As the most affected areas are your Arab region, which according to specialists’ expectations, at the end of this century, will become inherently unviable as a result of water shortage, the decline of agricultural lands and high temperatures … What are you doing?
  • And since all scientific predictions warn us that the accelerating and accelerating climate change will condemn the wet areas to more humidity, that is, to more rains and destructive and flooding storms for entire countries such as Bangladesh, and that it will judge the increasing dryness of the dry areas, that is, the whole Arab world, which will inevitably lead to more scarcity of rain And an increasing decrease in the already scarce groundwater and the acceleration of the expansion of the desert in a crisis of thirst that may not remain or be excluded [1].
  • Whereas, the expected rise in sea level will destroy thousands of kilometers from your shores and threaten to flood your largest city, which lies on the coasts from Tangiers to Latakia, via Oran, Tunis and Alexandria …
  • Whereas, the expected increase in temperature in the increasingly arid regions foreshadows huge fires – such as those that occurred in Australia and California – which means the evaporation of the only green strip in the Arab world, namely the forests of northern Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia …
  • And since your seeds were mortgaged by major American companies, and you no longer control even the primary source of your power, and given the high demand for wheat and its high prices on the international market [2]…

Revelation Revelation Revelation…

  • What programs have you prepared to monitor climate change disaster?
  • Do you have scientific councils that follow up on the issue and have all the specialists in them and return to look directly at the national security councils that in every country have put climate change on their list of concerns?
  • Have you recruited your best researchers and scientists in your universities to monitor the situation and suggest local technical solutions?
  • Did you warn citizens to be aware of the danger of the phenomenon in order to emerge from the genius that exists within each community, solutions that may not have been noticed by scholars of scholars?
  • Have you allocated material and symbolic prizes of great value to everyone who resists the phenomenon and finds solutions here and there, even modest, in every field?
  • Do you have emergency plans ready with sufficient capabilities and trained human resources to face the upcoming fires and floods?
  • Why have not so far emerged strong parties such as the Green parties in Europe that imposed new policies on old governments?

At the international level, since you are the Arabs, among the most important victims of this change, and in the event that you did not cause it.

  • Is it not fair that he who commits a crime pays for it? How can you, as the victim, be required to pay the price and remain silent on the crime?
  • Have you ever thought of resorting to the International Court of Justice on the grounds that you are affected countries, and filing a complaint against Western countries and perhaps even against China and India in protest against the role of these countries in threatening your existence in the first place, peoples and individuals, and you are facing the dangers of hunger, thirst, and the increase in civil violence as well as the sinking of your coastal cities and the evaporation of what You left from forests?
  • Do you estimate the costs of the loss that awaits you? Why do not you submit their invoices to the responsible countries?
  • Can you force these countries to pay compensation in the absence of a thorn, as they used to do with you always when it affected their interests?
  • Can you raise the issue of debt cancellation and the benefits of debt, which are two of the biggest obstacles to your progress, by pardoning these countries and forgiving is generous?
  • And if they refuse compensation and amnesty; What are the risks of unilateral debt cancellation to finance Arab programs for water, seeds and desertification?
  • And if it turns out to be an adventure greater than your energies; Can debt cancellation be exchanged for joint programs to fight climate change, financed by these debts and benefiting from companies in exempt countries?
  • Wouldn’t we all kill two birds with one stone? Won’t we get rid of the terrible burden by investing in building solar stations, desalinating sea water and agriculture outside the earth’s surface, and contributing to building the green belt that the African Union has made a target of the continent so that the exempt countries and their companies also gain priority in building solar stations, desalinating water, developing agriculture and forests?

Would not such a policy contribute to easing political tension and banishing the threat of regional wars in particular? Is this not the solution to what Europe and America fear? Is it the influx of climate refugees?

Socio-economic issue

  • During the sway of the liberal economy; Why did you not succeed in creating institutions that produce wealth? Why haven’t we seen people like Tata in India or Benz in Germany, Dassault in France or Boeing in America? Why did your societies produce nothing but corrupt contractors who subsist on oil rents?
  • During the spread of socialist thought in the economy; Why have they not succeeded in building gigantic government companies like the ones that succeeded in China and to some extent in South Korea?
  • Now everyone is talking about the solidarity economy .. Why are you so late in a field that today in Europe occupies 10% of the workforce?
  • What are you doing with 100 million unemployed people, most of them are young people and holders of higher degrees, and your model for economic growth is failing and you may even have to review the concept of growth itself?
  • Is it true that there is a cultural problem in your relationship with work, initiative and self-reliance, or is it a stage resulting from the length of your satisfactory relationship with the tyrannical rule that taught you submission and subordination in exchange for table crumbs and promises that never materialize?
  • Is not the time ripe for a revolution in your economic thinking that recedes the concept of growth and connects the most important sectors of the economy with the environmental economy to hit two birds with one stone, that is, agriculture, afforestation, alternative energies and all sectors with added value instead of relying on tourism and oil revenues for those who have oil or other industries such as textiles and there are always places of workforce Cheaper than Arab labor?
  • Is it really a tight market? In this case, how do you explain the success of countries such as Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden and Finland? In any case, what is the reason for your inability to create a single market and all regions of the world are heading towards expanding integration?

The political issue

What are you doing with the future of generations, when you have made of yourselves the remains of states and peoples in the midst of a world whose various geographical regions merge to gain sufficient weight in the race of nations and their influence on the common destiny?

  • How do you explain that 27 European people who speak 23 languages ​​and have more than one religion have been able to build a space of 500 million people in which they move freely and exchange goods and ideas and keep peace, and you are one people, with one language and the majority religion, but you are unable to achieve what is a priori in your interest?
  • Is it really the result of authoritarian regimes? Can democratic regimes build a single space, or will satisfactory and tribal leadership asleep with one eye in every person and every people will make even democracies unable to build this space that some dream of, i.e. the union of free Arab peoples?
  • How long will you accept the death of all regional coordination projects, such as the death of the Maghreb Union and the Gulf Union?
  • And since integration will be imposed on you by virtue of the fact that the world has become a network in which there is no place for isolated islands, what will you choose? Horizontal integration as dependencies for the Maghreb countries in the European market and the Levantine countries in the core of regional and international entities, or is the horizontal integration that will ensure your communication as a self-destined nation?

The technological issue

  • As the boom in communications and information technology will make you states and peoples in complete dependence on a handful of American companies that shape your minds and hearts, control your secrets, and direct your fake and democratic elections in the direction that serves their interests… What are you doing?
  • If the emergence of China as a new imperialist power was a familiar phenomenon and empires continued throughout history, how do we explain and how we interact with the emergence of empires that no longer need to impose hegemony on armies or lands that they occupy and whose circle of heroic invaders extends; Its name is Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple? How do we understand and face the power crisis and its limitations have been revealed? Is it not an authoritarian or democratic form? And then the emergence of an authority that does not bear any responsibility and the de-sacralization of all ancient powers responsible to their people? Where do the people and their representatives control large companies when they possess all the tools to control minds and hearts, and not only control the livelihood of hundreds of millions? Who controls the virtual space, which will soon become the first space of our life, and what we call reality is a tributary of its tributaries whose main task is to feed it with data and shape according to what it decides?
  • What are you doing when the technological gap between you and the creative nations is widening while you are in a state of addiction and dependency that is worsening day after day?
  • Did you notice that the means of communication have become the greatest threat to the Arabic language inherited from our parents and grandparents, which is the only unifying element of our peoples?
  • Do you not see that their use and generalization in colloquialisms and hybrid colloquialisms in French, English and even Hebrew heralds the achievement of what colonialism dreamed of and failed to achieve? Any Arab make know the fate of Latin?
  • Does not the decline of classical Arabic mean the kiss of death for the dream of unity, and these Arabic languages ​​isolate the peoples from each other while the classical Arabic used to unite them?
  • Do you not see that these means of communication are destroying the foundations of sound thought while raising generations on speed, superficiality and oscillation?
  • What will you do to protect your privacy, which has become a commodity bought and sold in the security market, the advertising market, and the policy market?
  • How will you protect your elections one day from making public opinion according to the latest technologies of international and even private intelligence agencies, hidden under the names of service companies?
  • What have you done or will do to keep your virtual space under the control of the national authorities (when there are national authorities)?
  • When will you have giant companies able to defend your privacy and information security so that intelligence agencies do not infiltrate your armies, your electricity factories and your genetic banks in a war that may be the most dangerous weapons in which algorithms are?
  • What have you prepared for the wave of artificial intelligence that may make you enslaved, dependent, and even human beings of the “B” type, and all the causes of control and domination in all fields have been concentrated in the hands of the leaders of 5 great countries and 5 great private companies?

Questions to a nation that nations laughed at from their ignorance, and those still in their ignorance cry in the hope that God, contrary to what Nizar Qabbani said, did not wash them after his hands.


[1]- At the beginning of my presidency, in 2012, I took the initiative to name a director of a center for strategic studies affiliated with the presidency, and I told him to go to work. He said that the most important topic I want the center to work on is terrorism. I looked at it for a long time and then told him this is the last topic of my concern. He opened his mouth, amazed, and we were at the beginning of a series of terrorist strikes, the aim of which and even the source were clear to me. I told him that terrorism does not pose a threat to the state or the people and is a source of circumstantial inconvenience no more, no matter how painful its cost. What threatens the state and the people thirst, and all preliminary studies prove that we are rapidly heading towards a local and global water crisis. Therefore, the center works on the risks of water shortages and strategies for preparing for the crisis that threatens us. Indeed, this is what happened, and the report was issued after more than a year, and it was more than frightening. Unfortunately, crises followed and governments left the file aside.

[2]I had the honor to make this issue a strong presence among Tunisians, and the process of lobbying the government and public opinion ended to restore Tunisia in 2020 thousands of its original seeds smuggled to genebanks abroad and the launch of a program to get out of the power of the hybrid seeds that American companies sell to us.

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