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White skin and ill-fitting clothes … pictures of Kamala Harris in Vogue are infuriating

Vogue magazine chose Mrs. Kamala Harris, the US Vice President-elect to be the cover star for next February, but it is noteworthy that the elected Vice President with a light complexion appeared, which sparked controversy against the magazine’s team, which is believed to have lightened the color of her skin, which caused In the wrath of readers and the Harris staff.

Writer Richard Lockomb says in a report published by the British newspaper, The Gaurdian, that the American Vogue magazine found itself caught in a storm of accusations that it bleached the color of the elected vice-president, when it published pictures of the star-elect, next February.

Two pictures of the Vice President have been published, one of them is a complete picture of her standing in front of a silky pink curtain, which aroused anger on social networks, and was considered inappropriate, and they said that if the pictures were taken with a mobile phone camera, it would have been better.

The author notes that the issue of “white supremacy” and the way blacks are presented on magazine covers has been a problem that has existed for several years. In 2019, filmmaker Melina Mitsukas stated that “there is a belief within the media industry that black skin needs a large amount of Light or a traditional method of lightening, in order to make it visible to the viewer, and this is a misconception. “

The writer notes that the African-American film producer, Bradford Yang, had also said in a media statement, “I never feel satisfied about the way people of brown skin are portrayed in movies. I think it stems from a lack of awareness, maybe it is because of these people.” They did not grow up in mixed communities with African Americans. “

The writer pointed out that Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, was also subject to criticism, as he told the New York Times reporter, “Anna definitely has no black colleagues or friends. I can take pictures of Vice President Kamala Harris using a Samsung phone for free, and I am sure.” It will be better than the one that was shown in the magazine. “

The writer notes that Wintour had apologized during the past year for the mistakes of publishing pictures and articles that did not take into account minorities. “Vogue’s editor-in-chief at the time wrote,“ Vogue did not find sufficient ways to support and provide opportunities for black editors, writers, photographers, and designers. We too made mistakes. We published pictures and stories that were offensive or intolerant. I would like to take full responsibility for these mistakes. “

Vogue magazine had tried to contain the wave of criticism that it was exposed to, as it denied that it lightened the skin color of Kamala Harris after the photo session, but this step failed to calm the atmosphere.

The writer mentioned that Harris and her accompanying team decided the clothes she would wear on the photo shoot, how her hair should be styled, and the makeup she would wear. She wore a dark casual jacket, pants and sneakers in one photo, and a light blue Michael Kors suit in the second photo.

The newspaper pointed out that Harris did not know that the photo that he had chosen to be on the cover, in which she wore a blue suit in front of a golden background, was not the same that the magazine decided to adopt, as the Vice President’s team was not informed that the choice of the photo had changed. Except when it was leaked late last Saturday, which prompted the team to express their dissatisfaction with the magazine.

Trump was angry at his wife’s neglect

The writer mentioned that the appearance of Kamala Harris on the cover of Vogue magazine is expected to also interest Donald Trump, who complained last month that his wife, model Melania Trump, did not appear on the cover of any well-known magazines, while she was spending 4 years in the White House, due to “Ignored by the fashion elites.”

Its former first lady, Michelle Obama, has appeared in numerous fashion magazines, including the December 2016 Vogue cover.

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