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WHO chief addresses death threats, racist insults: ‘I don’t give a damn’

WHO chief addresses death threats, racist insults: ‘I don’t give a damn’

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  1. I don’t understand how he can blame a whole country and its people for death threats and insults though.

    I do like how he addresses Taiwan as it is different from China.

  2. Corrupt WHO chief: Taiwan called me the N-Word

    Source: none

    Real Source: my master at beijing told me to make this accusation to frame taiwan

  3. I cannot summarize my disappointment in WHO, the supposed global leader of public health. Apparently acknowledging that an island of 23 million people exist and that their academics and experts can help are politicizing a WORLD health crisis.

    Saying we must unite while naming and shaming a particular country is not only contradictory to what he just said, but also hypocritical. Taiwan Ministry criticized him for his questionable statement and delay in response, NOT because of his race. I am sorry for Dr. Tedros for the personal attacks that he received, I truly do, but they are anecdotal accounts at best. Meanwhile China has been systematically oppressing their minority, silencing whistleblowers and dissidents, and objecting to Taiwan’s every decision to help the globe, and WHO did nothing.

    Heck, they had an actual misinformation campaign composed of fake Taiwan official documents and false public announcement and WHO did not call out on that either. China had sent jets INTO its airspace three times, and allowed Militia to attack our its sea patrol in the past four months, yet the UN didn’t cry about unity back then.

    Cannot believe today’s the day I see WHO parroting CCP’s favorite line, “criticism is racism”.

  4. His China lined pockets must make it all a lot easier to deal with.

  5. Maybe you shouldn’t have been in China’s pocket from day 1.

  6. Until WHO criticizes China for allowing conditions that creates these pandemics, they are not looking out for the health of the rest of the world and should be both ignored and defunded.

  7. great! then let’s talk about Winnie the Pooh, shall we?

  8. Ok you may not agree with the man but death threats are a bit too much.

  9. there will be accountability for all this.

  10. It’s probably the same backwoods trump spouting bullshit fascist racist pieces of shit that threaten other “evil liberals.”

    Facists need the boot. Constantly.

  11. Then.. Why are you whining about it? 😀

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