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WHO chief: ‘Pandemic is accelerating’ .

WHO chief: ‘Pandemic is accelerating’ .

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  1. as is expected with exponential growth

  2. *looks at people in California and Florida still going to the beaches*

    Well, yeah.

  3. Point fingers all you want but the public isn’t helping. Fucking going outside in big groups, treating this like a holiday. It’s a fucking joke. That’s who you should be angry at.

  4. Meanwhile here in the US some states are taking this seriously, others are going about like its no big deal. All the while everyone is still hoarding toilet paper and playing on the beach.

  5. That thumbnail pic is gonna become a new meme just watch

  6. As a registered nurse I am not thrilled

    On a side note, it has taken my attention off my wife leaving me last month so at least I got that.

  7. Maybe he should have called it a pandemic a little sooner and countries might have started taking preventative actions sooner

  8. I thought places like SK are getting fewer cases?

  9. Sooo, we are basically fucked because there are way too many stupid people on the planet? Not exactly news.

  10. It’s discouraging to see people not taking this seriously and breaking quarantine measures. Sure it’s boring af but there’s a global pandemic going on.

  11. ^ When WHO is a month behind


  12. Crazy because didn’t the POTUS just tweet about this miracle cure and this will be over soon. Something about 15 cases to zero? Not sure how ANYONE still listens and believes the words that leave the Presidents mouth.

  13. People wanna point all the fingers at young spring breakers, but not enough people are pointing the finger at employers. I’d gladly self-isolate if I was guaranteed a paycheck and a job at the end of it. Until then, I have no choice but to go and possibly contract/spread this virus. But nobody in charge seems to get it through their thick fucking skulls.

  14. Fucking useless twat. No shit. Everyone who needs to leave the house should wear a home-made mask. At least a scarf or bandana: digest the info below and pass it on to x10 people at least.


    Any type of general mask use is likely to decrease viral exposure and infection risk on a population level, in spite of imperfect fit and imperfect adherence”

    Another article:-

    Don’t forget:-
    1/ You can be infected without showing: protect others by wearing a home-made mask.
    2/ Home-made masks will help stop hand-face transmission.
    3/ Wearing a home-made mask will help normalise the behaviour. The more people that are wearing masks, the lower the transmission rates. In the event you have an n95 mask and fear adverse reaction from fellow commuters, wear a bandana over the top.

    Extra information about masks and getting through this time (an excellent de-monetised video):

    Basic “leaking” surgical masks vs n95 masks: context of study – influenza: result – surgical masks win: (Advertisements on this video until youTube demonetise): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftZy5s-klUA&list=PLJ0Tpf2yPhj7CiPuqq544BMgnHoPYKI5y&index=5&t=0s)

    Materials to use: https://smartairfilters.com/en/blog/best-materials-make-diy-face-mask-virus/
    How to sew a mask: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Hon3XuHKv0&feature=youtu.be

    Raw statistics from some countries that use masks:-
    China: https://studylib.net/coronavirus#country-cn
    Japan: https://studylib.net/coronavirus#country-jp
    South Korea: https://studylib.net/coronavirus#country-kr
    Taiwan: https://studylib.net/coronavirus#country-tw
    Singapore: https://studylib.net/coronavirus#country-sg
    Czech Republic: https://studylib.net/coronavirus#country-cz (Note that wearing face coverings in public was made mandatory as of 19th March, so this data is too new to be relevant yet.)

  15. In other related news from captain obvious: exponential growth grows exponentially…

  16. Meanwhile, Trump is pushing to get people back to work before we’re even able to flatten the curve. He’s going to go full on herd immunity and end up killing tens of millions of Americans with that sort of wild west mentality.

    [Trump went on a Twitter spree urging the US economy to go back to business as usual starting as early as next week](https://www.businessinsider.com/coronavirus-trump-urges-economic-restrart-early-as-next-week-2020-3)

  17. I’m still stuck at work, no end in sight. Commercial airline interior equipment is apparently essential part of the aerospace industry….Minimum distances between coworkers is violated every second of the work day. Large gatherings of 20+ happens daily, 10+ or more happens hourly.

    I am the only exposed person in my household, wife and son have asthma and wife has medical issues. I leave to come to work and in close contact with 50+ daily. I don’t know if they’re limiting their exposure.

    The idea is to split the workforce into two groups, groups are not supposed to have commonality with the other group once the new schedule takes affect. Newsletter they just sent says we are not shutting down no matter what because of our “status”

    I hope this “status” they are giving themselves holds up in court when the root cause is traced back to them infecting 200+ people at once. Profits over personnel.

  18. It’s not a question of stopping the spread, but of slowing it down
    If 80% of the population will get it, it’s best to slow the rate of infection down. People seem to concentrate on numbers of dead, but the illness itself is no picnic. It’s horrible, and you need to be well to get a light dose. The light dose is like a horrible flu, but one which lasts 3 weeks at its peak and leaves you feeling exhausted. The heavier version requires oxygen +- a ventilator. And hospitalisation.
    People think it’ll be ok to get it. But we are not as healthy as we think.

  19. No shit it has spread from a country with 1/5th of the world’s population to the other 4/5th. This is only getting started.

  20. The same WHO that dragged its heals on declaring it a pandemic to kiss chinas ass

  21. No shit. Pandemics like this grow exponentially. Does no one know what exponentially means?

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