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WHO chief says racist ‘personal attacks’ came from Taiwan

WHO chief says racist ‘personal attacks’ came from Taiwan

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  1. What? Three month ago? January?
    Taiwan was busy in Presidential election. Who has f-time to care about WHO. I doubt any Taiwanese would know his name if it weren’t for Covid-19.

  2. Mind you, from last half of 2019 to mid January 2020, **we were busy in our Presidential Election**. Nobody, literally ****NOBODY****, cared who “Tedros” is at that time. For 99.99% people here had **never heard that name**, let alone knowing that the WHO chief is an African, until the end of January.

    This battle became real world daily life for us since Jan 21 when the first case, who just returned from Wuhan, was confirmed. And what had WHO said at that time ?

    So Mr. Tedros, pics or it never exists.

  3. “Please quarantine COVID politics. That’s what we want. We don’t care about personal attacks,” he said. “We care about the life passing every single minute unnecessarily because we couldn’t unite to fight this virus.”

    Then give Taiwan equal status! Why are you continuing to play politics you HYPOCRITE!

    And Mr Tedros, did you just call Taiwan a country? Cause if Taiwan is China, then China insulted you you hypocritical prick!

  4. Still following the CCP playbook, Tedros blames Taiwan.

  5. This is ridiculous. As a Taiwanese we already suffered countless suppression and ignorance from WHO and China. and now he’s saying we’re racist?!

    The government of Taiwan and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have never say ANYTHING racists. Now this guy is trying to use racism as a weapon to shif from the issue that Taiwan was forgotten in the WHO system ? What a joke !

    Shifting focus with unfounded racial discriminatory accusation IS your political strategy and the fact that Taiwan’s lack of membership of the WHO because of China IS a political issue, so stop talking nonsense like you hope to put politics away.

  6. I thought WHO are not suppose to say the word “Taiwan”.

    It’s like spitting on CCP’s face with honey wand.

  7. I thought you didn’t recognize taiwan? Get fucked, dude

  8. wow .. they blame taiwan now?

    I say don’t give them a dime. Use the money to buy or make medical supplies for NYC or LA or whoever needs it here.

  9. Oops I think he meant Chinese Taipei. Looks like he just booked himself for a short course in a CCP re-education centre.

  10. I’m Irish and I’ve also been attacking you, because you’re too much of a coward to criticise China, and you’re doing such a bad job. I feel less healthy having you in charge.

  11. Wait China personally attacked him????

  12. I’m Taiwanese and I have read many criticisms about him and WHO (90% was directed at WHO)… Some discussion forum, like Reddit, has up-voting system. The very small portion of racial attack was downvoted to hell and was attacked by fellow Taiwanese.

    We are not like China. If you make racist comment, you will get knocked down!

  13. Did this donkey just say Taiwan instead of Chinese Taipei? He gonna get a spanking from his paymaster.

  14. This shameless piece of shit is also pretty stupid to boot.

  15. This guy is getting desperate and out of hand trying to shill for china. He’s incompetence is so obvious now he play the race card and the victim, chinas modus operandi too.

  16. What? Taiwan exists?

    I am sure he meant the Chinese province of Taiwan…

    However… I am sure Winnie told him to make the accusation.

  17. “Incompetent” isn’ a race.

  18. Deflect from the real questions with a rant about racism, from a country he ignored and treated poorly, who also did everything right when he did everything wrong.

  19. The Chinese communist party told him to blame Taiwan.

  20. I am so sick of celebrity playing the death threat card whenever they get called out or do something outrageous.

  21. This guy is so desperate and using racism to cover up being incompetent at his job.

  22. So I am Taiwanese myself. NO ONE HERE IS EVEN TALKING ABOUT THIS!!! We only mentioned his name when WHO announced something new, and never will we vituperate him. In Taiwan, everyone only cares how many people infected today or how to keep social-distancing. He is far from important compared to covid-19, no one actually cares or hates that dude. I don’t care if I am going to be fucked by Winnie or what, that’s CHN for sure.

  23. This guy is such an asshole. Every article I read, the shit show gets worse.

  24. Oh,oh. He said the forbidden “T” word.

  25. [https://youtu.be/EKh6qiAGDfA](https://youtu.be/EKh6qiAGDfA) Asking Tedros apologizes to Taiwan!!!!

  26. I thought only caucasian people were capable of such behaviour. There you go.

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