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Why don’t wounds heal quickly?


The German Society for Trauma Surgeons said that the inability to heal wounds quickly has several reasons, some of which are related to the method of wound dressing and others related to chronic diseases, so what are the most prominent?

The association explained that the reasons related to wound dressing are as follows:

1- Using the wrong dressings.

2- Using sutures improperly. For example, excessively tight sutures reduce the supply of oxygen to the wound that is needed to heal.

As for the causes related to some chronic diseases, they include:

1- Diabetes (especially diabetic foot).

2- Vascular diseases such as chronic venous insufficiency and peripheral artery disease.

3- Tumors and their radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

4- Immune system disorders and severe infections such as tuberculosis.

5- Anemia.

Other factors that cause delayed wound healing include:

1- Drought.

2- Old age.

3- Smoking.

4- Some medications such as psychotropic drugs, blood clotting inhibitors, “corticosteroid” drugs, and cancer drugs.

5- Malnutrition may also be a cause. Proteins, vitamins and minerals play an important role in the wound healing process.

Therefore, the doctor should be consulted immediately after noticing the delay in wound healing, especially if it is accompanied by other symptoms such as severe pain and bleeding, in order to determine the real underlying cause of the delay in healing the wound symmetry, and then treat it.

It is also important to pay attention to the cleanliness of the wound and its good sterilization, including the edges around it, with the use of a sound dressing that provides the wound with protection from drying out, and does not stick to the emerging skin layer.

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