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Why Fox News will not be able to abandon Trump?

The Intercept said that US Fox News is broadcasting misleading information about the results of the presidential election because its viewers want to hear such information and not because it is imposed on them.

The American site – in a report by its editor, Peter Maas – stated that the network’s position immediately after the announcement of the victory of Joe Biden was interesting, as this media organization owned by billionaire Rupert Murdoch and his family appeared as if it had finally turned on President Donald Trump with a little weapon it used against him, which is credibility.

But the network quickly returned to “normal”, as its prime-time broadcasters launched a frenzied campaign to question the vote counting process, asserting – although all evidence says the opposite – that President Trump is right, that the vote was fraudulent, and that Biden and the leftist Antifa movement were stolen. The election.

The site believes that the “split screen” approach adopted by Fox News by “broadcasting doses of truthfulness during the hours of the day with less follow-up and non-stop lies during peak times” is, in fact, an ingenious approach.

This allows the network – the site adds – to wear the dress of honesty in front of people who live in the real world, while at the same time continuing to throw its “pathogenic bait” in a market of illusions estimated at billions of dollars.

Intercept confirms that the network has worked for decades to expand the base of a right-wing audience, as a very profitable market has emerged, so the content that the network broadcasts is now sought after by its viewers, not imposed on them.

“The structure of this market that specializes in making anger is now a mentor and educator for the media,” said Joshai Binkler, a writer specializing in media and its effects.

He adds that when there is a choice between being honest or reaping profits, the choice is very easy for right-wing media executives, and if one is surprised that companies or media institutions offer profit logic over values ​​and ethics, then this inevitably means that it overlooked one of the basic pillars of capitalist logic.

On the other hand, the American website affirms that Fox News’ policies are not only related to the issue of revenues. Rather, its current position by raising clamor about allegations of fraud and fraud during the recent elections would perpetuate a “false narrative” of events that may distort the American political system over the years. Coming.

The US President (right) accompanied by billionaire Rupert Murdoch on a golf course owned by the Trump family (Reuters)

Illegal presidency

This may mean – the site adds – that once President-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated next January, part of the voters who feel bitter and angry will consider his presidency illegitimate, and that it was based on stolen votes, which may open the door wide during The next four years for the far-right to exercise all possible forms of rejection and opposition against Biden and his administration based on this false narrative.

The site considers that the matter will be similar to what former President Barack Obama has been subjected to, where a current questioned his eligibility to occupy the presidency claiming that he was not born in America. Keep doing this.

And the site asserts that President Trump even if he slipped into the quagmire of post-presidential failure due to his legal risks and incoherent tweets, the Republican Party “will have the weapon it needs to inflict the damage it wants to anyone.”

He concludes that this reality is the product of the “poisoned choices” of Robert Murdoch and his heirs who have established a mechanism that works exactly as planned, whereby the markets reward them with billions of dollars annually, while the first chapter of the American Constitution – which guarantees freedom of expression and the press – protects them from any liability or prosecutions for what They cause damage.

He said that the Murdoch family “are capitalists and they are not concerned with morals. They control a tool to burn the country, but they are not the first nor the last who will be tempted to make money by destroying people’s lives.”

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