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Wildlife ban not enough to prevent another virus

Wildlife ban not enough to prevent another virus

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  1. The problem is not just how we interact with wildlife (i.e. eat them, farm them), but how we deal with pandemics in general. The biggest problems with the current situation has been mostly logistical, political, and communication.

    I expect pandemics are going to happen every so often (every 100 years) pretty much no matter what we do regarding animals. So we need to focus on how we deal with it, not just preventing it. (Yeah, closing wet markets is a good idea but it’s not the end-all.)

    We know that bad information came out of China in the initial stages of the virus which caused delays with the necessary response. We know that politics was a factor in how supplies and resources have been distributed. We know that media communication caused issues for people in regards to knowing what they need to do, what precautions to take, etc…

    We should have learned from Swine Flu where our failures were and worked on it but we didn’t. We were not prepared to deal with a pandemic. We did not have supplies or manufacturing in place. We did not have legislation to move quickly.

  2. The global trade in wildlife needs to be aggressively stamped out

  3. There is no way to prevent viruses. They have been around since before humans were here and will continue to be around long after we’re gone.

  4. The title of the story is somewhat misleading. There are loopholes in the current ban that will allow trafficking in wildlife for food to continue. **A real wildlife ban will help prevent another virus.**

    The ban covers only land animals. It punishes consumers but does not tackle corrupt ties among government officials, corporate interests and “breeders” who use permits as a cover for illegal trade.

    And it leaves a glaring loophole by allowing continued use of wildlife for traditional Chinese medicine, including animal-based remedies that national health authorities are now prescribing as treatment for the coronavirus. **Current law permits the farming of bats, pangolins and bears to make medicine from their feces, scales and bile, which drives the demand for wildlife and raises the risk of another pandemic.**

  5. Unless the WHO somehow can destroy the bushmeat trade,reptile trade and other
    consumption of these disgusting animals we are just putting out a fire for the time being.

    And unfortunately I don’t see China or any other countries getting a handle
    on this disgusting habit. It’s 2020-quit eating shit that can kill the world.

  6. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the increased risk of [zoonotic diseasesestimate](https://www.cdc.gov/onehealth/basics/zoonotic-diseases.html) from wildlife breeding — illnesses caused by viruses that “spill over” from animals to humans. Scientists that 3 out of 4 new or emerging infectious diseases in people come from animals, including many of the worst diseases humans have faced in recent years: SARS, Ebola, HIV/AIDS, MERS, avian flus and COVID-19.

    Until this vile medieval practice is banned there will always be a next virus!

  7. You’re right but when the populists seize power they’re going to shut globalization down and that certainly will.

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