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Will you leave home if Trump is re-elected?

Will you leave home if Trump is re-elected? With this question, writer Jennifer Feeney Boylan began her article in the New York Times, saying, “The first time I heard someone say this question I thought he was joking.” A friend muttered, “I will leave this country if Trump is re-elected. Enough is enough, I will never return.”

And why she believed that the question was a joke Boylan says she did not believe that Donald Trump could be reelected after all these years of racism, and his declaration that the American soldiers who were killed in ancient wars were “failures”, and those who rallied alongside the neo-Nazis called him ” Very good people, ”the children of immigrants locked in cells.

Nor was he elected after his orders to fire tear gas at the demonstrators so that he could wave the Gospel in Lafayette Square, nor after his folly helped cause the deaths of more than 200,000 people; Because of the Corona pandemic, not after the economic collapse, nor after refusing to commit to the peaceful transfer of power, nor after repeating one lie after another.

The writer adds that her belief that it was a joke is that her friend will definitely not choose to start a new life in another country, no matter how bad things get there. Because it will not be bad forever, and she wondered, “Is it not our duty as Americans to try to resist the evil these days, stand up to it, and do everything in our power to restore this country to its best time?”

The picture gets darker when some of her friends say that it is too late, and that even if Joe Biden is elected, America is shattered.

Nevertheless, the writer said that she resists this way of thinking for several reasons, including that she refuses to hand over her country to Trump’s followers, and because this is inconsistent with everything she believes in to allow these “miserable” to claim victory, and on the other hand, leaving the homeland is an option available only to those with privileged Money to go to another place and start a new life, and finally, that whoever loved his country during its best days should love others?

She was shocked that a generation of Americans was now asking aloud if the time had come to get out of this hell?

She said that this is what Donald Trump brought us, a situation that made us wonder if our country is over, and a time when we would rather start anew with life elsewhere than continue living that way.

And Boylan concluded her article that Americans should not abandon their country, and they should have the courage to make it better and to fight racism and injustice in their own home.

Its motto was originally to love America or others, so that you might one day love what it became in the end. But now, after 4 years of Trump’s rule, she may have a different slogan.

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