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With Biden leading in the opinion polls … the latest American presidential debate begins

The last debate between the presidential candidates, Republican President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden, began in Nashville, Tennessee, amid the latter’s progress according to opinion polls.

Trump said at the start of the debate that the death rate due to the Corona pandemic has decreased to 85%, adding, “We have a ready-made vaccine, and the military establishment will distribute it soon.”

Trump confirmed that his administration shut down the largest economy in the world to prevent 2.2 million people dying from the Corona virus.

Trump also stressed that “the virus will disappear and we are close to overcoming it,” adding, “We are in the process of opening our country and we have learned a lot about the Corona virus and have taken measures early.”

The president stressed the need to reopen the country and recover from this crisis, explaining that a complete closure harms people and drives them to depression.

As for Biden, he said that 220 thousand people have died in the United States as a result of Corona so far, and there are more than 70 thousand cases that appear daily, considering that Trump does not yet have any plan to confront the pandemic.

Biden promised to ensure that there is transparency regarding the Corona vaccine when obtaining it.

Biden accused President Trump of praising the Chinese president at the beginning of the Corona crisis and did not do anything mentioned, but Trump said that the mistake was China’s mistake from the start.

Biden also accused President Trump of saying, “He asks us to learn to live with the Corona virus, but what happens is that we are learning to die from it,” stressing that if he becomes president, he will put an end to the disease and will not shut down the country’s economy.

Trump accused the journalist running the debate of being biased against him, and released a video clip of the interview he withdrew from with CBS and attacked the media.

And the Presidential Debating Committee previously canceled the second debate after Trump was infected with the Corona virus and refused to conduct it online.

As the two candidates ’campaigns ramp up rallies in swing states, opinion polls showed Biden’s continued lead over Trump at the national level, making the debate one of the few opportunities to influence the presidential race that begins on November 3.

And Real Clear Politic published various poll rates, showing Biden a 7.7% national lead.

As for the swing states, which are crucial in the presidential election race, Biden beats Trump in Florida by 2.1%, and is ahead of Michigan by 7.8%.

The Democratic candidate leads 4.9% in Pennsylvania, 4.6% in Wisconsin, and 1.8% in North Carolina.

On the other hand, Trump leads by 0.6% in Ohio and 4% in Texas, which has become one of the swing states during these elections.

Trump won all of these states in 2016, which contributed to his ascension to the presidency.

Trump faces the challenge of convincing voters that he can protect the United States from a possible second wave of the Corona virus and revive the economy he is betting on to win.

On the other hand, Biden promises to unite Americans, amidst stormy ethnic and political divisions, as well as confront Trump’s accusations that he is using his influence to enrich his family.

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