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With conflicting news about Trump’s health, Pompeo cut short his Asian tour

The last hours of US President Donald Trump announcing that he was infected with the Corona virus witnessed contradictory statements from the White House regarding his health, while his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo shortened his tour of Asia.

In a video recording from his headquarters at Walter Reed Military Hospital, Trump defended his lack of commitment to the precautionary measures, and confirmed that the coming days will be the real test to confront the disease.

The US President said that he had no choice but to expose himself to the risk of contracting the Coronavirus, and indicated in the recording that he wanted to face the danger because facing problems is one of the characteristics of great leaders, as he put it.

The US President also said that he went to the hospital feeling tired after his infection with Corona, but his health condition has improved now, and he confirmed his intention to return soon and complete his election campaign, and that work is underway to restore him to his health condition.

Conflicting statements

For his part, Sean Conley, the doctor overseeing the treatment of the US President, said that the medical team is satisfied with his health condition and cautiously optimistic, and that the coming days will be crucial in determining his condition.

The medical team confirmed – in a statement – that Trump last night completed a second dose of the drug “Remdesivir”, indicating that he is not yet suffering from a fever, but he has not completely overcome the health problems due to the virus, and that he does not need additional oxygen, He was not put on a respirator.

But US media earlier quoted White House chief of staff Mark Meadows – who seemed less optimistic – as saying that the next 48 hours will be crucial for Trump’s status.

But he made it clear that the president moves in the hospital and is not bedridden, and asks for documents to review, and that he met him several times yesterday, Saturday.

Meadows, who made his first remarks on condition of anonymity, changed his tone hours later and told Reuters that Trump was “doing well” and that doctors were very happy with his vital signs.

Meadows did not explain the reason for the contradiction in his comments. An adviser to Trump – who asked not to be named – said the president did not like Meadows’ first comments, according to Reuters.

On Saturday, a source familiar with Trump’s situation confirmed that his condition had been “extremely worrying” over the past 24 hours, adding that the next 48 hours would be crucial.

The “Associated Press” agency quoted the source – who requested anonymity – that the president was placed on an oxygen machine at the White House on Friday before he was taken to hospital, and said that the president’s condition was “very worrisome”, but he is improving since he went to the hospital.

In the same context, an informed source told Reuters that Trump “is not yet on a clear path to recover from his infection with the virus,” adding that some of the president’s vital signs during the past 24 hours “were very worrying,” and that the next 48 hours will be crucial in terms of Treat it.

The French Press Agency quoted an informed source as saying that “the president’s vital functions over the past 24 hours are extremely worrying, and the next 48 hours will be a minute in terms of his care. We have not yet reached a clear path towards a full recovery.”

Trump supporters in front of the military hospital for his support (Anatolia)

Asian Tour shortcut

In this context, the US State Department said that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will travel to Japan later on Sunday, but he will not visit Mongolia and South Korea, according to his original visit schedule, after President Trump was infected with the Corona virus and was hospitalized.

Pompeo initially intended to visit the three countries between the fourth and eighth of October, and the minister will travel to Japan today and return on the sixth of October.

In light of these developments, the leader of the majority in the US Senate, Mitch McConnell, announced – in a statement – the postponement of the return of Congress to the general meeting until after October 19, after he had previously announced that the return would be tomorrow, Monday.

McConnell said that the important work of the committees can continue at the discretion of each committee, adding that the judicial committee that will consider the appointment of Judge Amy Barrett to the Supreme Court will begin its sessions on October 12 this year, according to what was previously announced by the head of the Judicial Committee Senator Lindsey Graham.

And Trump’s presidential campaign announced the postponement of all election rallies in which the president was scheduled to participate until further notice.

A number of supporters of the US President gathered outside the hospital to express their support for him.

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