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With leaked documents and 88,000 fake accounts … The zero-distance investigation reveals the secret blockade countries ’plan to target Qatar

The film “Sita Messages” as part of the investigative program “Zero Distance” revealed new companies and digital platforms, and others under construction, to target Qatar, Turkey and other countries with misleading media campaigns.

The investigation showed – in the second part of it – how these companies, and thousands of fake accounts, reproduce themselves after being banned. The program also revealed leaked messages from the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding coordinating the actions of the blockading countries to attack Qatar and its economic institutions.

The film also showed details of Twitter’s ban on a network of 271 fake accounts linked to the “dot Dev” company operating in the UAE and Egypt to target Qatar and other countries such as Iran.

Twitter also managed to remove 4,248 accounts that were working alone and directed mainly to confront Qatar and Yemen, and despite the closure of thousands of accounts, the attack on Qatar continued with thousands of misleading tweets through other fake account farms.

In another campaign for Twitter, it was able to block a network of 88 thousand accounts linked to a Saudi digital company called “Samaat”, but the accounts that are deleted soon appear as an alternative to them to continue their activity again.

Andreas Curridge, a researcher in military affairs and the Middle East, explained that the digital fires burning through Twitter against Qatar were made by the fake accounts and electronic committees that are controlled by the UAE and Saudi Arabia, and the aim is to create fake trends on social media.

One of the most prominent hashtags that Qatarlikis and the Emirati company, Dot Dave, worked to inflate was the hashtag of “Hamdeen Organization”, on which more than 3 million accounts (most of them from the blockading countries) have been tweeting over 3 years.

Craige considered that this is part of a campaign to spread false information that is spreading because the current Emir is completely under the control of his father and former Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassim, stressing that these rumors are not completely true.

On the third anniversary of the blockade of Qatar, the fake accounts launched a cyber attack in which they generated false news about an alleged coup in Qatar, and after the program monitored the accounts that launched the campaign, the first tweet about these events came from an account created within a period not exceeding a month, and only this tweet appeared in his account Then, other accounts interacted with him despite not following him.

Those accounts claim to be Qatari and heard a loud explosion in Al Wakrah. The blockading countries also used pirates to promote, on the European level, the “coup of Qatar” and “Al-Wakra” brands.

The program obtained a leaked diplomatic document from inside the Egyptian embassy in Abu Dhabi, and the document states that the Director of the UAE Civil Aviation Authority, Saif Al-Suwaidi (as stated in the letters of the Egyptian Ambassador to the Emirates, Wael Gad) criticized the lack of media focus in the four countries on linking the civil aviation system in Qatar. And terrorism, and the Egyptian ambassador added that the Emirati official called for the assistance of the security services to achieve this purpose.

A leaked document from the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed the determination of the Emirati, along with Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, to send a letter by the representatives of the blockading countries against the Qatar National Human Rights Committee, due to its lack of independence. According to their description.

Regarding the Emirati company, “Dot Def”, the program concluded that its founder manages pages for Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed on the Internet, and is responsible for developing the Emirates News Agency website, in addition to that the company is working on establishing a new intelligence project targeting mainly Turkey, Qatar, Kuwait and the Sultanate of Oman. Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.

After the misleading campaigns activity of “dot giv” was restricted, the UAE worked to establish “Xpercts” and “Dave Krite” as an alternative to implement the UAE’s directives towards other countries.

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