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With the outbreak of the new strain of Corona, Britain is isolated, and the health organization reassures the world

The emergence of a new strain of the emerging corona virus in the United Kingdom caused a state of panic around the world, so dozens of capitals canceled flights with the country that had become isolated, while the World Health Organization confirmed that this new strain is not “out of control.”

This comes while the number of confirmed cases of the virus in the world, according to the World Meter website, which specializes in monitoring Corona statistics, reached 77 million 740 thousand and 380 infections at 10:30 Mecca time (07:30 GMT).

The number of people recovering reached 54 million and 619 thousand and 686, while the number of deaths exceeded the 1.7 barrier by one million, 709 thousand and 474.

The number of deaths exceeded 300 thousand cases in the United States (French)

Figures and statistics

In the United States, the country most affected by the epidemic, the health authorities recorded 18 million and 473 thousand and 716 injuries, while the number of deaths reached 326 thousand and 772.

Regarding vaccinations, a nurse in Connecticut, USA, received a vaccine from Moderna in front of the cameras, marking the start of the vaccination campaign with this new vaccine, which was approved Friday.

In India, the second country in terms of the number of injuries, cases reached 10 million and 75 thousand and 422 injuries, while the authorities recorded 146 thousand and 145 deaths.

It is the lowest number of daily injuries since the third of July. Daily infections have decreased steadily in India since their peak in September, despite the busy holiday season last month.

Strict measures

With regard to the new strain of the virus, countries around the world continued to take strict measures after the British authorities announced on Sunday that they had lost control over the spread of the new strain of the virus.

After these measures included suspending flights to Britain, several countries went to close the land, sea and air borders in the context of confronting the virus.

The virus boom led to the closure of many countries’ borders with the United Kingdom less than two weeks before its exit from the European single market, which led to chaos in the ports, especially the port of Dover, and concerns about the supply of fresh products during the Christmas week.

The port of Dover, through which products coming from France in particular, pass through, announced its closure to traffic from the United Kingdom after several countries, including France and Canada, decided on Sunday to suspend all flights from British territory for several days.

However, these developments will not affect the supply chains in the United Kingdom, which remain “solid”, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed yesterday.

Johnson told reporters that “only a very limited percentage of food items enter the UK.”

Procedures and smoothing

On Tuesday, the European Union will try to ensure the consistency of the measures announced by member states to prevent arrivals from the United Kingdom, according to a European diplomatic source.

The source pointed out that an emergency meeting of the European Crisis Response Mechanism was held in Brussels which allowed “identifying various options for reopening the borders in a coordinated form with similar measures.”

Limitations and estimates

Outside the European Union, this was also the case in Kuwait, Iran, Switzerland, El Salvador and Israel, after these also suspended their flights with South Africa, where a new mutation of the virus also appeared.

Saudi Arabia suspended all international flights, as well as entry to its ports. Canada, Argentina, Colombia and Chile have suspended flights from the United Kingdom.

This comes while Brett Guerear, assistant to the US Secretary of Health and Human Services, said that the new strain of Corona appeared since September and not last week.

In an interview with CNN, the minister expressed his concern about the spread of this strain, despite estimates that it is not more deadly, indicating that there are no facts supporting this, and there are no reasons to believe it.

As for the senior advisor to the government vaccination program, Moncef El-Salawi, he expects that laboratory experiments will show that the new strain will respond to the current vaccines and treatments.

He added, “What is clear is that it is not a cause of more disease,” which means that it has not been proven to cause a more serious disease.

Global Health urges countries to implement previously tried and tested health measures (French)

Reassurance and tests

As for the World Health Organization, it confirmed that the new strain of the emerging corona virus that was discovered in Britain is spreading at a faster rate, but is controllable like the rest of the other known strains of the virus.

“The situation is not out of control, but it cannot be allowed to spread,” Mike Ryan, executive director of the WHO health emergency program, said in a press conference, urging countries to implement previously tried and tested health measures.

The World Health Organization says that every 10 people infected with the new strain of the virus can transmit the infection to 15 others on average, while the rate of transmission of infection with the previously known strains in Britain reaches 11 people.

For his part, the head of the German company “Biontech”, Ugur Shaheen, told the German news agency that the company had already tested the vaccine against 20 different strains and achieved a successful immune response that led to the inactivation of the virus.

Shaheen said that the new strain is a stronger mutation and the vaccine will be tested against it within the next two weeks.

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