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With the succession of vaccines … has Corona come under control?

Professor of Immunology at Georgetown University Talal Nasouli said that Pfizer and Moderna have conducted more than 50 thousand trials of the Coronavirus vaccine, during which it proved good efficacy with slight side effects that were quickly overcome.

Speaking to the episode (11/22/2020) of the “Beyond the News” program, he added that the US Food and Drug Administration handed over the vaccine to an independent specialized committee to conduct research and experiments on it, before giving permission to use it, stressing the need to maintain the precautionary measures until the approval is made. The vaccine and its distribution to countries of the world.

And Nasouli continued that the mechanism of action of the vaccine is by taking it through a muscle injection that carries antibodies to the Corona virus, and the body retains these bodies even if a person is infected with the virus and works to eliminate it, and the person needs to take two doses, the difference between them is about 18 days, and the effectiveness of the vaccine begins after 28 Days after taking the first dose, stressing the need to continue the precautionary measures even after taking the vaccine.

Nasouli also confirmed that most of the cases of corona occurred through contact with people carrying the virus without showing symptoms on them, indicating that the incubation period for the virus lasts up to 14 days without symptoms appearing, and it is not yet known if the vaccine will be taken annually or not.

Moncef Al-Salawi, head of the US President Donald Trump’s administration team to develop and distribute the Corona vaccine, expected the vaccine to start within 24 hours of obtaining the emergency use license, and it was likely that the vaccination operations would begin on December 11 or 12.

For his part, the head of the epidemiology department at the Royal Society of Medicine, Professor Gabriel Scully, said that the world is witnessing the beginning of the end of the Corona pandemic, and that the news circulating about the vaccine is promising, according to him, stressing that the vaccines announced will help confront the pandemic significantly during the next 6 months.

He added that the world needs a long time to completely eliminate the virus, and stressed the need to maintain the precautionary measures related to Corona even with the emergence of the vaccine, especially with the approaching birthdays, calling to postpone the celebrations until next year.

He added that the vaccine will not prevent the transmission of the virus, which requires following preventive measures. Including wearing a muzzle, social distancing, and opening windows until the virus is completely eliminated, and he indicated that full adherence to strict preventive measures obviates a return to closure.

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