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Within a “crazy and brutal year” … the fatal ordeal of a black student at the hands of white students

French newspaper Le Monde said that student executioners, Sanda Dia, who killed him in 2018 after subjecting him to heinous brutality, may soon find themselves in court, no matter how important, wealthy and influential their families are.

Jean-Pierre Stropants, the newspaper’s correspondent in Brussels, said that Sanda Dia was – as his brother Seydoux described him to the Standard newspaper – a happy young man of no more than 20, “he lives life smiling and has all his talents. He loves music, has friends everywhere, and is good at playing football.” So much so, that a big club was interested in him, and he is busy in engineering studies, and he hoped to complete it in Japan. “

She noted that if Reuzegom, a group within the Antwerp League of Student Communities known for violence, had not been treated, it would have mattered.

The reporter said that this department is composed of students from very important, wealthy and influential families, who like pitfalls, and is called locally “baptêmes”. One of its members promised in 2018 a “crazy and brutal” year in “Taming the Blues” (new arrivals), and the strange That this member might have been lending his stature, saying that “our dear German friend Hitler” was not tall either.

This young man participated in the nurturing ceremony, as they call it, a session that spanned over two days in 30 hours, according to the program “A brutal and crazy year”, and also deadly, where Sanda Diya was taken out while he was dying, before he died of a heart attack, after his body temperature had decreased to 27 degrees with an incredibly high level of salt in his blood.

Blur effects
The correspondent indicated that news had spread in Belgium of stories of “baptism” carried out by students, and sometimes ended with errors. But they are sessions that are supposed to be ceremonial and not compulsory, and where acceptable humiliation is supposed to promote integration, and often do not put students’ lives in danger, however, what happened on December 5, 2018 is that Sanda collapsed after unbelievable episodes of the most heinous forms of torture .

Journalists at that time paid attention to the case, while the judicial authorities did not give it much attention, and considered it a “unfortunate accident,” perhaps to help the honorable families, including the family of an investigative judge, says Le Monde correspondent.

The reporter pointed out that the university in Louvain seemed to be in a hurry to end the case, and issued a decree requiring the members of the congregation concerned to 30 hours of work for “the public interest”, and the obligation to submit written work on the meaning of “baptism”, and they had time to erase all traces of their evil deeds. With skill and speed from social networks.

Soon, the reporter says, 18 of the so-called “crucible of the future Flemish elite” will find themselves in front of the court. A young manager who knows them in one of the magazines described them as “arrogant bastards”, especially since they were burning the genitals and forcing others to swallow urine, in addition to They killed a young pig after placing a pistol on its temple and lighting a cigarette in its mouth.

Urine spraying
Lawyers for the group of 18 students, whose parents chose from among the best, called for giving their clients additional duties, denouncing the role of the media and accusing him of bias. They also indicated that the “blues” were not forced to undergo a ritual they could abandon at any time, even if it was That means they become ostracized from their class, which is what Sanda wanted to avoid.

The reporter said that the lawyers had not succeeded, at least in delaying the procedures. However, they will not be able to calm what was sparked by the revelation of what actually happened in 2018 in a forest in Antwerp province, where two of Sanda’s companions told at length about what they experienced there.

It began – as they say – by forcing them to drink strong beer and wine, eat animals as food, and a rat crushed into porridge, in addition to cutting off the head of a live snake, committing to swimming in an icy stream, digging a hole and sitting in it before spraying with water and urine, which is what one witness says Asked more of him to “warm myself up.”

When darkness fell, the “blues” kept dragging themselves on their knees to the middle of the body of water; To highlight scenes from a medieval “fish ritual”, it ends with the oil and goldfish being swallowed alive.

Indeed – as the reporter says – the university banned “Reusgom” for a period of one semester, under the pretext that their association was not part of the departments of faculty members supervised by the institution, and the administration launched a new disciplinary investigation.

And the reporter concludes that the only remaining question is: Did Sanda die because he was black, and therefore he was specifically targeted by this group of white youths? Especially since they sang “Congo for Us”, as one of the students mentioned that he once heard leaders question Sanada Diya, calling him “the nigger”.

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