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Without Evidence, Trump Blurts Out US Assassinated Soleimani Because He Was Trying to ‘Blow Up Our Embassy’

Without Evidence, Trump Blurts Out US Assassinated Soleimani Because He Was Trying to ‘Blow Up Our Embassy’

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  1. **Without evidence, Trump blurts out** `[insert anything from the past several decades]`

  2. I guess he’s never read about the boy who cried wolf. It’s amazing to me to see the reality we live in, that for the first time in my recollection that you absolutely cannot believe a single thing the US president says. Really sad that this lying asshole has debased the office so thoroughly.

  3. > Going to be very interesting in the hours ahead to see if any top admin officials confirm Trump’s claim about Iran trying to blow up the embassy.

    Do you remember when Trump promised to release his tax documents?

    > Pepperidge Farm Remembers.

    > You can lie to some of the people all of the time; you can to all of the people some of the time; you can’t lie to all of the people all of the time.

    POTUS 16.

  4. Sad that we have to be so careful to make sure it’s known that the president is almost certainly just spreading more misinformation. Remember when we could trust presidents to mostly tell the truth because they feared getting caught in lies? Remember how absurd it seemed to hear how dictators in other countries told absurd lies no one should believe?

    If this were true then Rand Paul and Mike Lee wouldn’t have included themselves in blasting this administration for lack of evidence. If this were true, they’d actually be sharing proof of such allegations with the masses.

    Instead, they keep telling everyone to “trust them” and accuse everyone of being unpatriotic for not taking an habitual liar at his word. Freaking insanity.

    Remember when Republicans were afraid of an over-reaching and unchecked Federal Government? Freaking insanity…

  5. Trump voters need to realize they’ve been conned.

  6. Surely that information didn’t come from the deep state, liberal intelligence community, did it? How could he listen to them when they’re so busy trying to destroy his presidency??

    (I’m joking, in case someone thinks I’m serious)

  7. Wasn’t our embassy just attacked by Iranian-backed militants?

  8. What has trump stated *with* evidence?

  9. As a non-US, I find this entertaining.

  10. If you watch the video it’s super obvious that his office brings in random blue collar workers to use as props in the background of all of his shots to show “he’s a man of the people”

  11. When pressed on this, will he go with:


    A) Somehow it’s the Democrats’ fault.
    B) Someone told him, someone very trustworthy, believe me.
    C) I am keeping America safe, why does that anger you so much?

  12. And QAnon says Hillary brought down the airliner to cover up her…………

  13. So the act on the embassy spear headed by soleimani backed Iraqi rebels isn’t enough evidence?

    Turns out when you’re a murdering terrorist eventually you get popped.

  14. Soleimani was killed while meeting with Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. A leader of the Iraqi terrorist organization PMF.

    The PMF is the group responsible for the attack on the embassy 2 days prior.

    This article is literally fake news.

  15. I read up on Soleimani and I didn’t like what I saw. He was one of the most effective orchestrators of terror in the region, initially against Israel and later against the US, Iraqi government, helped prop up the brutal Assad regime, etc. He played a hand in the US embassy being attacked. And had he not died, he would’ve continued doing what he was doing, working with terrorists and militants and conducting a proxy war that was killing lots of american soldiers, allies and civilians.

    So, regardless of whether he was an “imminent threat” I’m glad he is dead. If the US has to power to prevent the deaths of a lot of innocent people and our own soldiers by killing a terrorist then we should probably do that. I get that he was a general of Iran but he’s been responsible for more American deaths than bin-Laden. At some point you have to say “enough”.

  16. This headline is literally retarded. Are they trying to insinuate the entire military had no evidence of this? FFS /r/worldnews can’t even post a neutral article

  17. Trump was terrified of being accused of his own Benghazi due to the protest at the embassy, so he just fired missiles to look strong. Now he just looks like a war criminal.

  18. I truly don’t care if this dude was planning on going to give foot massages to Americans. His past includes the murder of many Americans AND many Iranians. He deserved to die no matter his intent.

  19. There is is plenty of evidence that he was a bad guy who got what he deserved.

  20. Well considering recent events, I kind of think he was going to blow it. Iran isn’t making smart decisions lately

  21. There is no evidence. The Prime Minister of Iraq told a reporter that Trump lured Soleimani to Iraq under the pretense of peace negotiations and then killed him. Trump did this to distract attention from his impeachment trial; he was willing to trade the safety of every American to save his own ass. What kind of sociopath monster does that?

  22. Remember kids; this is the US’s chief diplomat

  23. I imagine that’s probably an oversimplication of the [attack on the U.S. embasy in Baghdad](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019%E2%80%9320_attack_on_the_United_States_embassy_in_Baghdad).

  24. **if** this is true, then Trump just released classified information, and is guilty of yet another felony.

  25. You know he made it up on the spot

  26. It would have been Benghazi, all over again…

  27. And, like clockwork, the deplorables will believe the lie.

    Seriously, *blowing up an embassy* was the best he could do? He could make up any lie and he decided to go with the *absolute dumbest thing imaginable?*

  28. His dense supporters will believe it.

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