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Wuhan’s virus patient numbers manipulated for Xi visit: local doctor

Wuhan’s virus patient numbers manipulated for Xi visit: local doctor

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  1. who wants to bet the numbers were manipulated from the beginning and not just for xi visit?

  2. And the sky is blue… Seriously were gonna find out shortly that all the numbers from china were false.

  3. Where are those folks who swore up and down that china isnt lying about numbers ? They were all over that thread yesterday

  4. Reaaaaally?!? Manipulation, propaganda and cover up in China?? Nooo Waaaay! *insert surprised pikachu*

    I do not believe China in anything they say. Theres no way they got away with just 3,2k deaths, less deaths than Italy. No. Fucking. Way. I bet their real numbers are *at least* tenfold.

  5. Who here is old enough to remember the Iraqi Minister of Information?

    I think he’s gone to China now.

  6. Of course China’s numbers are fabricated. – https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries

    Italy already has nearly double the number of deaths as China with only about 2/3’s as many cases. China’s telecoms have also reported losing roughly 8 million subscribers between Feb-March.

  7. I have never heard of this paper. Is it a reliable source? This sounds very truthy but is it factual?

  8. It would be better to just lie about the number of people in quarantine rather than let people symptomatic people out early.

  9. How reliable is this outlet?
    I’d like to share this around, but I want to avoid spreading misinformation.

    Their only source appears to be an unnamed doctor.

  10. Did they hide them in honey jars?

  11. Oh, look it’s that think that everyone was saying for past few days and got called racists because of it!

  12. I heard the local government will get into trouble if there are new infections (I know WTF like it’s their fault). This creates a system of manipulation and is basically the CCP way of telling their subordinates to lie.

  13. Isn’t this how this mess got started in the first place?

  14. Doctor taking his temp “please dont read fever please dont read fever”

  15. >….A number of symptomatic patients were abruptly released from quarantine early **while a portion of testing was suspended**, the doctor said.
    >China’s health authorities on Thursday reported **no new cases of coronavirus infection** in Wuhan…

    Of course…

  16. So is china currently lying about their numbers? They say no new infections. I have been wondering if they found a cure or a vaccine that they are not sharing. Or they have millions of cases they are not talking about. Seem pretty weird their cases almost completely stopped as soon as it started spreading across the world.

  17. Go [here](https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/china/) and check the daily new cases tally for China; see how between February 4th to the 11th the number of new cases where coming down from around 3,800 to 2,000 then on the 12th a spike to 14,108 new cases just to come down the next day to 5,090 and around 2,600 the next day… how is that even possible?

    What did they do on the 12th to detect almost four times as much cases as they have been detecting before? What changed? And then a couple of days later the number start going down as they were before? I smell a rat…

  18. ‘They gave them the propaganda number’

  19. Anyone elSe read the article about China’s #1 cell phones Carrier lost 8 million subscribers. Never believe China From the start, but that article is scary if true.

  20. Because pandering for a dictator has always been a boon to any nation. Ceaușescu says hi, Pooh Bear.

  21. Unfortunately, nothing they say or do can be trusted. I wish it weren’t the case so we could try to get a better grasp on this. The world is in this mess because of them. Hopefully we can resolve this issue and start to make the needed changes to avoid disasters such as this in the future on all fronts.

  22. Source: Nameless “local doctor”.

    It feeds into the conspiracy theories though, so of course every comment takes it as an undeniable fact that China is lying based off an article with no proof whatsoever.

  23. China is run by incompetents and must be isolated from the world

  24. I don’t get what the point of making it look better than it is? This virus doesn’t just affect China. It affects the entire world. The truth should always be what is being told because if not, how can we truly get a handle on this?

  25. I guess this is going to become the Streisand effect Xi Jing Ping edition.

  26. fuck Xi. fuck the Chinese Fascist Party. fuck any real supporters of either, all one of them.


    [fuck Trump for doing literally the same thing: manipulating numbers to make the nation look better.](https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/trump-main-concern-about-coronavirus-is-himself-964175/)

  27. So you’re telling me China lies?

    No fuckin way, I don’t believe it.


  28. China acting like the USSR when the Chernobyl reactor blew up.

  29. And then the doctor “died from coronavirus”.

  30. This has to be fake news. The Chinese government doesn’t manipulate number. They are straight shooters!

  31. Zero domestic cases in China with that landmass and population?

    I’d believe faith healing and alternative medicine works long before I’d even contemplate on believing that, even if an omnipotent deity was directly running the pandemic response, much less CCP “running” it.

  32. This is exactly what will be happening in the US if Trump had his way

  33. Fuckin idiot communists. This is why communism always fails. This is just fockin stupid. Fuckin servile delinquents.

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