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Xerox is making disposable ventilators that do not require power to work.

Xerox is making disposable ventilators that do not require power to work.

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  1. Jokes in the thread aside, good job Xerox. This is outside their repertoire, but they are actively contributing to help alleviate the stress on the medical field during a pandemic. I’m gonna be a bit more patient around their machines and try to remember they stepped up when they didn’t have to. The fact these respirators require no power is a great boon to any region lacking adequate infrastructure to handle the crisis.

  2. How do they even work without power?

  3. Like the other rapidly produced mechanical “ventilators” this isn’t one.

    This video is extremely informative on what is actually required for vent patients and why:


    Companies are producing “solutions” for either some quick feel good publicity, or with good intentions but no specialist knowledge.

  4. If it works as well as their printers…Still thinking about that last paper jam

  5. Warning: Your Oxygen is low, please order more from [www.xerox.com](https://www.xerox.com), it will arrive in 3 – 5 working days

  6. They’re called ambu bags and they’ve been around for s long time…

  7. Does anyone know what Zerox’ main business is? They invented copying machines, graphical user interface and now disposable ventilators?????

  8. Cool. Then sell them to who? The federal government or the states?

  9. This is in line with the Xerox business model. They found their calling in renting models not selling them. It’s an interesting pivot and surprising. Great job, Xerox.

  10. “Necessity is the mother of invention” how fitting.

  11. I’m using Xerox alcohol wipes now that they made back in the day, maybe 80-90’s. They still work great.

  12. If it fails it will be due to PC Load Letter..

  13. Look forward to the video/graphic showing how these function.

  14. It’s nice they have a prototype, but how will this fare under high-volume reproduction?

  15. Apple and Microsoft taking notes somewhere.

  16. Can’t wait to see the cheap copy.

  17. We’re gonna have so many ventilators after this.

  18. First time they kill ya’s with the ink prices. Then come the ventilators.

  19. After 8 months of use a salesman asks if you want a newer version and you extend your lease.

  20. This would also be a great product for 3rd world counties

  21. Question:

    Are these biodegradable? If not, *do they have a plan for them after they are disposed of?*

  22. More plastic pollution just great

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