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Years of “disinformation” are making it difficult to truly understand Trump’s health condition

The British newspaper (The Guardian) said that the volatile statements about the health status of President Donald Trump and the first lady after contracting the Coronavirus are consistent with a long-standing pattern of disinformation by the president and his aides regarding his health. This makes it difficult to trust any official statements about Trump’s health, even in a time of major crisis such as the current one.

The newspaper mentioned that the incidents that confirm this fact are numerous, as statements confirming the “toughness” of the president during his first presidential campaign were surprising, especially after his private doctor, Harold Bornstein, issued an exaggerated letter about his health.

Bornstein said in December 2015, “If Mr. Trump is elected, I can say unequivocally that he will be the healthiest person ever elected to the presidency.”

The message boasted that “Trump’s physical strength and endurance is extraordinary,” and that his blood circulation is “amazingly excellent,” before Bornstein admitted 3 years later that Trump dictated the text of the message.

Trump moved to the “Walter Reed” Military Medical Center outside Washington to follow up on his health (Reuters)

Dodging and misleading

But the “cheating and cheating” about the president’s health did not end there – according to the newspaper – Bornstein also revealed that Trump’s long-time bodyguard, Keith Schiller, broke into his office in February 2017, seizing documents and medical reports related to the president’s health.

In 2018, former White House doctor Ronnie Jackson announced that President Donald Trump weighed 239 pounds (about 108 kilograms) during the annual medical examination. Which puts him just a pound away from the obesity barrier.

In the same report, Jackson indicated that Trump’s height reached 6 feet 3 inches (one meter and 92 centimeters), which means that the president has grown one inch (2.54 centimeters) tall since 2012, as his driver’s license states that he is only 6 feet and two inches (meters) And 89 centimeters).

Using the height indicated on his driver’s license, Trump would have been medically classified as obese.

When discussing his 2018 report, Jackson told reporters that Trump’s health is “excellent.”

When he was asked how a president has a fondness for fast food and avoids exercise because he believes – as he once said – that it drains the “limited” energy resources in the body; To be in such good health, he replied, “I told the president that if he had followed a healthy diet for the past 20 years he might live up to 200 years, but I would say that the answer to your question is that he has incredibly good genes, and that’s the way.” Created by the Creator. “

And in 2019, White House doctor Sean Connelly revealed that President Trump had gained weight and was officially “obese.”

Suspicious visit

On the other hand, the Guardian confirms that the chapter that was suspicious and dangerous about Trump’s health status was a surprise visit to the hospital one Saturday in November 2019.

The White House then presented – as it is almost the case now after the president was infected with Corona – contradictory messages about the reason for the president’s transfer to the “Walter Reed” Military Medical Center outside Washington.

The White House press secretary at the time Stephanie Grisham initially said that President Trump went to the hospital to start his annual medical examination, but CNN quickly reported that the visit “did not follow a routine presidential medical examination protocol,” and that it “was not on the house’s agenda. the White”.

Two days later, the Trump administration’s rhetoric changed, and it was no longer a matter of a visit to begin the annual medical examination, but of the president undergoing a “phased examination.”

And last September, a book by New York Times correspondent Michael Schmidt stated that Vice President Mike Pence was put on high alert while Trump was in the hospital.

The Guardian confirms that Trump and his aides also sought to exaggerate his mental capabilities and endurance, as the president repeatedly repeated that he had passed a “difficult” cognitive test, attacking at the same time the cognitive abilities of his rival, Joe Biden.

In an interview with him last June, Fox News broadcaster Chris Wallace raised the issue of the cognitive test, indicating that he had taken it himself, and that it was “not a difficult test,” telling Trump, “You have a picture that says: What is this? It is clear that it is an elephant.”

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