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Yemen .. Demonstrations in Taiz demanding protection of Aden and support for the army to retake areas controlled by the Houthis

Demonstrations took place in the city of Taiz (southwest of Yemen) demanding the Saudi-Emirati coalition to protect the temporary capital, following the airport bombing that occurred days ago, coinciding with the arrival of the new government, while the Houthis held the coalition responsible for the attack.

The demonstrators demanded the Saudi-Emirati coalition to provide protection for the city of Aden and the new Yemeni government, and to provide support to the National Army in order to complete the restoration of control over the country’s areas from the Houthis.

The demonstrators who took to the streets yesterday after Friday prayers chanted slogans denouncing the attack that targeted Aden airport during the arrival of members of the new government.

They also raised slogans supporting the new government and supporting it to remain inside Yemeni territory.

Every week, Taiz is witnessing demonstrations demanding the coalition to enable the Yemeni National Army to retake the Houthi-controlled areas in the city.

It is noteworthy that the Houthi group controls its grip on the capital, Sanaa, most of the northern governorates, and areas in the center of the country, up to Taiz, which controls parts of it, while the government controls limited areas, including parts of the Ma’rib governorate, while most of the southern governorates are subject to the Transitional Council.

Alliance responsibility
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Human Rights in the Houthi-run government in Sanaa said that it condemns the “cowardly terrorist act” that targeted Aden International Airport last Wednesday, referring to the bombing that killed 26 people, including local officials and employees of the International Red Cross, and injured 100 others. .

She added in a statement issued yesterday evening that the bombing was carried out by “sinful hands,” and that “this criminal act was the result of the continuing practices of the countries of the aggression coalition (the Saudi-Emirati coalition) to tear apart the social fabric in the southern governorates, spread sedition and tamper with the lives of citizens and Yemen’s capabilities.”

The Houthi ministry accused the coalition of forming what it called armed groups that commit criminal acts, including assassinations and planting IEDs.

“The terrorist bombing at Aden airport came within the framework of a threat to national security and peace in light of the bankruptcy of the coalition, which planned and directly supported terrorist groups to target a civilian facility and the safe civilians inside it with improvised explosive devices and missiles,” the statement said.

The Yemeni Prime Minister, Maeen Abdul-Malik, accused the Houthi group of being behind the attack on Aden International Airport, and said that initial investigations indicate that they used guided missiles with the help of Iranian experts, and Yemeni officials echoed similar accusations, without providing evidence of them.

However, the Houthis denied any role for the group in the attack, and said that it was the result of a struggle between those they described as mercenaries, in reference to the government and the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council.

The bloody bombing was condemned by the Arabs and internationally, and it shed light on the updates awaiting the new Yemeni government, which was formed equally between the north and the south under the Riyadh Agreement that was reached in November of last year.

Dead in Hodeidah
On the other hand, at least 5 women were killed and 5 others were injured on Friday evening, as an artillery shell fell on a neighborhood in the coastal city of Hodeidah (western Yemen), according to local sources.

The Media Center for the Giants Brigades (affiliated with the army) said in a statement, “An artillery shell fired by the Houthi militia on Friday evening at a women’s wedding hall killed 5 women and wounded 7 others.”

The statement added, quoting eyewitnesses, that the shell was fired by Houthi elements from the side of a park under the group’s control, east of Hodeidah.

On the other hand, the Houthi group accused the pro-government forces of being behind the bombing that targeted a women’s wedding hall in Hodeidah.

Last month, dozens of civilians were killed and injured due to the bombing in Hodeidah Governorate, at which time the government and the Houthis exchanged accusations of responsibility for it.

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