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Yemen’s transition is torturing journalist Adel Al-Hasani to push him to confess to espionage

Human Rights Watch, Mwatana for Human Rights, said that security forces of the UAE-backed Southern Yemeni Transitional Council have detained Yemeni journalist Adel Al-Hasani, since last September, because of his news reports on the conflict in this country.

And “Watch” added that the Council forces tortured Al-Hasani by shackling him, threatening and beating him, in order to push him to confess to using his work as a journalist to spy for foreign countries.

Sources close to Al-Hasani, who spoke to the organization, suggested that his arrest was ordered by the UAE authorities because they were not satisfied with the coverage of foreign media, with whom Al-Hasani works, of the conflict in Yemen and the UAE’s role in it.

The two organizations urged the authorities of the Transitional Council to immediately and unconditionally release Al-Hasani, and to investigate and take measures against those responsible for his torture or other ill-treatment.

For her part, Afrah Nasser, Yemen researcher at Watch, said that the STC’s “disastrous” treatment of Al-Hasani “continues to tarnish the horrific human rights record of the Council and its Emirati supporters.”

She indicated that an increasing number of journalists in various parts of Yemen are being subjected to threats, intimidation, violence or detention, simply for carrying out their work covering the country.

Al-Hosni, 35, is an investigative journalist, producer and assistant to international journalists, based in the southern port city of Aden. In 2009, he co-founded the news site “Aden al-Ghad” that covers current events in Aden and all over Yemen.

Over the course of the Yemen war, he worked with international independent correspondents and major media outlets, such as “BBC, CNN, Vice” and others.

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