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You need an examination to test your mental abilities

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday that French President Emmanuel Macron needs to test his mental faculties, following his recent racist remarks on Islam.

Erdogan asked in a speech – during a conference of the ruling Justice and Development Party in the state of Kayseri – what can we say to a head of state who does not understand freedom of belief and treats millions of followers of a different religion (Muslims) in his country in this way?

And he added, “What is the problem of the so-called Macron with Islam and Muslims? He needs a mental treatment,” adding that “being busy with me will not win you anything.”

He continued, France will witness elections in about a year, and that will determine Macron’s fate at that time, “I think that his end is not far away, because he did not benefit France in anything, so how can he benefit himself?”

Macron’s proposal to protect his country’s secular values ​​from the followers of extremist Islamic currents angered the Turkish government, adding this also to the list of many differences between the French President and Erdogan.

Storming the Berlin Mosque

And on the German police storming a mosque in the capital Berlin, Erdogan stressed that this incident is evidence of the transition of fascism in European countries to a new stage.

He stressed that the escalation of anti-Islam in Europe has reached alarming levels, and said that the participation of hundreds of police in a raid on a mosque is a matter that is far from respect, and cannot be explained for security reasons, or anything other than clearly anti-Islam.

And he stressed that the display of France – which considers itself the castle of secularism and freedoms – to display caricatures offensive to the Prophet Muhammad once again, is one of the ugliest forms of vulgarity, and does not fall under the limits of freedom, but is blatantly anti-Islam.

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