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Your jeans do not need to be washed for a year .. 6 tips before putting them in the washing machine

If you wash your jeans after every one or two times you wear them, you probably wash them more than necessary. At least that’s what many designers have said to the best genuine jeans brands, so you have to answer these six questions before you put your jeans in the washing machine.

1- Do you smell bad?

If the smell emits from your jeans, or any other piece of clothing, because of sweat, dirt, or any other reason, you should wash them immediately. This will happen on average between every 3 to 10 times you wear your jeans, and depending on the nature of your work or activities outside the home, the easiest for you is to rely on the bad smell component to wash it.

2- What are the components of the fabric?

This question is for those with experience buying jeans; Usually jeans are made of 100% pure cotton, which is the best ingredient for durable jeans and hard cloth, and here you will not need to wash it frequently. As for those stretchy jeans that some people, especially women, resort to, for their lightness and flexibility, polyester is mainly incorporated into its fabric, which makes washing it an urgent necessity after each use.

The reason here is that elastic or stretchy jeans lose their elasticity after one or two times of use, especially at the knees and between the thighs, and if it is not dirty, it may easily show the effect of sweat and use, so it needs to be washed or rinsed with water at least to reactivate the elastic fibers and remove the sweat stains that Increase with polyester.

3- What is the nature of your business?

It is possible that concerns about bacteria are unfounded, as long as you wear cotton underwear under jeans, in 2017 a student at the University of Alberta wore jeans for 15 months, and his pants had the same levels of bacteria as when others wore for less than two weeks. .

Hence, if you live in a more humid climate, or you wear your jeans for gardening or tough activities, it is advisable to wash more regularly, but if you do normal things, such as wearing it on the weekend, you can delay washing it for 6 months to a year. Without washing.

Jeans only need washing in cold water and a little cleaning powder (Shutterstock).

4- Still clean?

Have you tried to smell your pants and found no offensive odor? You will not have to wear dirty pants for that long, especially if it is not dirty after the tenth time of wearing it, it will definitely be dirty from the bottom near the shoes or on the stomach.

You can then adopt the tenth time as an indication of the need to wash it, with the least possible amount of friction, such as cleaning it with a damp cloth, focusing on stains, and hanging it in the air away from any emissions of odors.

Little water and washing powder save your jeans from damage (pixabay)

5- When do you put it in the washing machine?

A spokesperson for Levi’s famous jeans maker revealed that although jeans do not need to be washed often, it is advisable to put them in the washing machine once a month to keep them looking and smelling clean. However if a slice of pizza has fallen on it, it might be time for an emergency wash.

But this advice differed when it came from the company president himself, who admitted that he had not put his favorite jeans in the washing machine in 10 years, he explained that the fabric of jeans looks better when washed irregularly, which is why some people may choose to avoid washing them.

6- How do you maintain your pants?

A little bit of everything is the only guarantee of the safety of your jeans, a little bit of water, electricity and washing powder; To wash your jeans, you must first inspect for any stain of sweat or mud and clean them with a damp cloth first, then turn them inside out, put them in the washing machine with your dark clothes, and choose a cold wash cycle.

You should choose a washing powder for colors and avoid bleaching in order not to affect the folds of the jeans. Pick up your jeans after the washing and rinsing cycle is completed quickly, and before the drying cycle begins, and hang them upside down in the air.

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