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YouTuber challenges Apple and creates a foldable screen for the iPhone

YouTuber Scottie Allen, owner of Strange Parts, decided to try making a foldable iPhone screen from his home, using available technologies and materials.

Rumors have increased in recent times that Apple is looking to develop prototypes for foldable iPhone screens, which leads to the company having foldable smart phone technologies such as its competitors, “Motorola” and “Samsung” (Samsung).

Allen published a video clip showing his attempt to build a flexible AMOLED screen, which he managed to achieve – to a certain extent – as he succeeded in creating an external flexible iPhone screen connected to an iPhone device, running the iOS system.

Allen asked for two flexible screens from the e-commerce site “Aliexpress” to run his test. One of the screens was very thin, about 0.3 mm thick, with a width of 3 sheets, while the other was a little thicker, and therefore less flexible.

Both screens had their own problems. For example, the thinner and more flexible screen suffered from stoppage when folded too much; Resulting in her slightly split. While the second is more solid, has more vibrant colors; But it was less malleable.

The two monitors were connected to an HDMI adapter to run the screens for testing, and Allen connected the adapter boards to the Raspberry Pi 4, which was receiving information from his iPhone over a Wi-Fi network. (WiFi).

Allen says that although working on this project was fun; Except that it cost a large sum; Because both screens cost about $ 500, so if something goes wrong, like cracking on a thinner screen, that means losing a decent amount of money.

All in all, it is nice to watch the video, and learn how to create flexible iPhone screen; But it can be seen as a fun project rather than a true prototype of future flexible screens.

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